Google: No AdSense Ads Below Blog Title

By referring to Google AdSense placement heat map, we put Google AdSense ads above blog content (below post title) for better performance. But Google AdSense team does not quite agree with the ads placement.

no adsense ads below blog titleQuickOnlineTips received an email from Google AdSense support pointing out the issue on their site.

In fact, Google Adsense Blog published 2 guidelines earlier and one of them is “ads shouldn’t be placed under a title or section heading in a way that implies that the ads are not ads.

I didn’t take much attention to the guideline because I thought mine is different than the example. My AdSense ads was separated by categories and date. But it seems AdSense team think the different.
AdSense team advised QuickOnlineTips that:

“publishers may not label the Google ads with text other than ‘sponsored links’ or ‘advertisements’.”

As a result, QuickOnlineTips now put a “ADVERTISEMENT” word above the AdSense ads.

put google adsense ads below title

I also made the change to add “advertisement” image above my AdSense ads, although I haven’t received any email from Google AdSense about matter.

I know many AdSense publishers used put AdSense ads below post title (it’s really a heat spot!), so make the required changes before too late!

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38 thoughts on “Google: No AdSense Ads Below Blog Title”

  1. Liew,

    I’m surprised to hear that you just got to know about this little issue with AdSense placement. I thought you already knew about this.

    That’s ok, knowing later is better than not knowing at all.

  2. @Free Software Downloads: yes, you can save the “advertisement.gif” image on your site and use it. Please do not hotlink to the image.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Lucky for me, I don’t have the tech know-how how to fiddle with the titles etc LOL

    I place my ads below my blog title…will that be OK?

  4. Understood, but wouldn’t it just make more sense for Google to change the “ad’s by google” image placement and put it at the top of the banners or make that an option in the actual adsense setup so that way all you would have to do is select “top” or something like that so that if you have ads placement under a title the ad’s by google image shows at the top. Seems they could’ve made this a bit easier if it was something they were going to enforce.

  5. I knew of the issue as early as late 2007 but I was not quick enough to amend about 2500 webpages of my biggest website. My website was no longer allowed to serve adsense ads and I lost almost 70% of my earning from adsense ads. Luckily my account was not closed.

  6. good to know now. will faster change them accordiingly, problem is i got too many website with it until i dunno which one got or dont hv…sigh

    anyway thkz for letting us know

  7. LcF, I asked you about a week ago if putting arrows pointing to the adsense ads isn’t against the TOS; i.e. you arrow in advertisement.gif.

    So… ?


  8. Well, this is from adsense policy:
    “May not direct user attention to the ads via arrows or other graphical gimmicks”

    Anyway, did Google agreed that this is ok? Did you receive an email from them that says “thank you for solving the problem via the advertisement.gif image”?

    I may be exaggerating, sorry… I don’t even have 2 months at adsense and I want to be sure. Thanks for your help.

  9. @Nicholas: I don’t receive email from Google AdSense saying that putting ads below blog title against their TOS or the solution has been OFFICIALLY approved. If you are worry, then do NOT put adsense ads below blog title. I will update again if Google contact me.

  10. Not true at all. If you care to read the TOS properly, they have shown “why” you can’t put the ads underneath the title..

    It all depends on your Topic.

    E.g: IF your topic says

    “Click this”



    then you can be in trouble.

    but for normal titles, its okay!

    and after all this, how come u have ads like that?

  11. Once you fix the issues, how do you contact Google to ask them to take and look and re-index your site?

    If you know the URL, please post it here.

    Thanks in advance



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