Google Chrome 5 Beta is Faster than Speed of Light?!

Google Chrome OS logoGoogle Chrome 5 beta has been released and it is the fastest beta to date for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The new beta release is 30% better performance and faster than the previous beta version.

Chrome 5 beta also includes couple new features such as:

  • Ability to sync not only bookmarks but also browser preferences (themes, homepage, browser settings) on multiple computers using your Google Account.
  • Now you can install and use Chrome extensions while in incognito mode (private browsing mode).
  • Added new HTML5 features: Geolocation, app cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop capabilities.
  • Bundle Adobe Flash Player plug-in with Chrome.
  • Chrome now remembers zoom settings for each site.
  • Bookmark manage now open in tab as an HTML page.
  • Now you can reorder the extension buttons as you like.

Now you can download Google Chrome beta for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In order to show you the speed of Google Chrome 5, the team did a series of unconventional speed tests for the browser. Here is the amazing video:

Download: Google Chrome 4.0 with Extensions

Google Chrome 4.0 stable [Windows] has been released and supports extensions.

google chrome extensions
Google Chrome extensions

Tip: Click here to scan for Windows Registry Errors and Optimize PC performance

The extensions are little programs to add functionality to your web browser. The addons for Firefox is the same concept.

Visit Google Chrome extension gallery to find and install the ones that interest you.

Unlike Mozilla Firefox, install and uninstall Chrome extensions do not need to restart web browser. Great! You can view and manage the extensions settings by clicking on the “Tools” menu and select “Extensions”.

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Download Firefox 3.6 RC1

(image credit: nois3lab)

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate (RC1) is now available for download.

Firefox 3.6 is build on the Gecko 1.9.2 platform (3.5 uses Gecko 1.9.1) with the following new features:

I installed Firefox 3.6 RC1 and “feel” (no serious testing done) that it is much faster than Firefox 3.5.7. The loading speed of Facebook homepage, which use A LOT of Javascript, is improved quite significant.

All the Firefox add-ons that I am using (20+ of them) are either support or compatible with Firefox 3.6 RC1. Great!

Have you installed Firefox 3.6 RC1 yet? Download it here.

Google Chrome, the Simple and Fast Web Browser by Google

Google Chrome LogoGoogle Chrome is the open source web browser developed from scratch by Google. Available in beta in more than 40 languages, Google Chrome is a new approach to the browser that’s based on the simplicity and power that users have come to expect from Google products.

Features of Google Chrome

At the first launch, you will notice that Google Chrome has a very simple user interface. It has no menu bar, no status bar, and no search bar. All you got is a window frame and a tab at the top of address bar.

Google Chrome screenshot
Screenshot of Google Chrome with multiple tabs and most visited sites (click to enlarge)

What’s inside Google Chrome is the Webkit web browser engine (same as Apple Safari) and the fast javascript engine, V8. Here are some of the features of Google Chrome:

Address bar — the address bar is combined with search and history quickly takes you where they want to go in just a few keystrokes.

New tab page — when you open a new tab, you will see a page that includes thumbnails of your most visited sites, searches, recent bookmarks and closed tabs.

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