The Web Browsers War [Poll Result]

poll result: what is your default web browser?

Previously, I asked you to vote your default web browser. Now, here is the poll result.

Google Chrome is the winner with 40% votes and followed closely by Mozilla Firefox. Safari has the 3rd place with 10.43%. Both Opera browser and Internet Explorer received similar votes and got 4th and 5th places respectively. Total votes: 115

If browsers were women, Mozilla Firefox is my ex-lover. It is still attractive but I have a new love — Google Chrome. It is fast (if not as fast as lighting [link]), lightweight, and clean.

Safari is the default browser for Macs but I don’t use it as primary browser because the lack of extensions support. There’s Safari for Windows but it is not as sleek as the native Mac version.

Note that, both Google Chrome and Safari are WebKit-based browsers. WebKit is an open source web page rendering engine.

Opera browser claimed to be World’s fastest browser but my friends and I were disagree. It is a fast and feature rich web browser. Again, I don’t use it because it lacks of extensions like Firefox and Chrome.

Internet Explorer (IE), are you still using it? The only time I use IE is to download other browser on a new system.

The web browser war would never end. Firefox 4 is about to be released late 2010. I might change my browser love again by the time. grin

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7 thoughts on “The Web Browsers War [Poll Result]”

  1. my IMHO. so far i’m really3 fall in love with google chrome.super duper fast so far.counting time for firefox 4 new release.

  2. chrome is good but i feel very disappointed because it crashes too often?is there any solution for this problem??This force me to back to firefox…


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