Now You Can Get MicroSIM for iPad 3G from Maxis Malaysia

Maxis Micro SIM for iPad 3G

Malaysia: Surprise! iPad 3G users in Malaysia can now buy Micro SIM from Maxis, before the Apple iPad in Malaysia is available.

Apple iPad WiFi+3G requires a micro-SIM for its 3G data functionality. Maxis is the first Malaysia telco to offer micro SIM to customers. You can purchase the micro SIM by just walking into any of 31 Maxis centers nationwide.

Quote from Maxis press release:

The micro SIM from Maxis may be used with both Mobile Data and Broadband plans. Customers may sign up for an Enhanced Mobile Data Plan at the following prices: RM58 for RM500MB, RM78 for 1.5GB, and RM88 for 3GB. Meanwhile, Maxis Broadband customers may sign up for the following plans: RM48 for 1.5GB, RM68 for 3GB and RM98 for 6GB (promotion ends 31 May).

“Enhanced Mobile Data Plan” is the data only rate plan, where voice calls will not be available.

Prefer to use other telco’s services? You may try to trim a normal SIM card into a MicroSIM (do it at your own risk!)

Apple iPad 3G will go on sale in 9 countries (besides U.S.) on May 18, 2010. No date for Apple iPad sales in Malaysia, yet.

Could it mean that Maxis will be the 1st Malaysia telco to offer the coming soon iPhone 4G?

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7 thoughts on “Now You Can Get MicroSIM for iPad 3G from Maxis Malaysia”

  1. By releasing this news, of course MAXIS will bring this iPad to Malaysia. i believe rite now they are negotiating with Apple. Let wait and see

  2. having used the ipad for a few weeks now i feel like chucking it out the window

    anyone want my used IPAD? its a gift my wife bought when she was in the states.


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