Google AdSense New Larger Half Page (300×600) Ads Format

ads format 300x250

ads format 300x250

Google AdSense added a new “half page” (300×600 pixels) ads format, the largest Google ads size ever.

According to Google’s Display Business Trends(PDF), the 300×600 is one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions. The more visually impactful ad size is preferred by advertisers, it provides a larger space for advertisers to deliver their message across.

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Malaysian AdSense Publishers are STILL Waiting for Payments (December 2010) [Update: Received!]

Google AdSense Payment in Progress

Malaysian AdSense publishers are frustrated with Google AdSense’s late Western Union payment for December 2010.

AdSense email: Payment Issued

I received email from Google AdSense saying my payment has been issued, but, in the AdSense account, the Western Union payment is still “in progress” since Dec 22.

I understand that Google might had a long Christmas & New Year holiday and payments maybe got delayed.

Based on the previous payment history, payments were issued before or on 27th each month.

But, it is already Jan 3rd, 2011 now! Google, I want my money now!

Update: the late payment issued has been discussed on Google AdSense Help Forum. Apparently, Malaysians publishers are affected.

Update 2: A forum user “sherly” told that Western Union Malaysia closed until Jan 2nd, 2010.

Update 3 (Jan 4, 2011): Just saw a new text on AdSense payment page:

Your December 2010 earnings will be calculated on the first week of January. Please check back on January 7, 2011 for updated payment information.

Well, we have to wait few more days then…

Update 4 (Jan 5, 2011): Google employee “Bertha” responded on forum:

Hi all –

Thank you for writing in to the forum about your payments, and I apologize that we haven’t responded sooner. It appears that publishers in Belgium and Malaysia are experiencing this issue with the “Payment in Progress” message. Please be aware that we are investigating this right now and I’ll update this thread as soon as I have more information!


AdSensePro Bertha

And, we got the payments!