HELP! Need Affordable Fully Managed Hosting with Enterprise-Security and DDoS Protection!

server under attack

I told you that my server was under malicious traffic attacks. The server is more stable now but still can see load spikes now and then, even though they didn’t bring down the server.

From the above graph, you can see the server load of past 2 weeks. The highest load was around 140! Imagine that kind of load on a 8 cores sever! Impossible to handle. What we know is that the attacker use cloud computing like Amazon EC2 to launch the attacks.

Is it “Cloud-based DDoS”? The dark side of cloud computing…

So, what can a home-based blogger like me do to fight against the massive attacks? The software based protection such as firewall, (D)Dos-Deflate, etc have been installed. They helped a bit but not the solution.

I’ll need a fully managed web hosting with high security and DDoS protection at affordable (not “cheap”, I understand the setup is expensive) price tag…

Am I asking too much?

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Massive Malicious Traffic Attacks. Cloud Hosting to Rescue?

web server load spikes

In the past week, my server was down couple times due to massive attacks from unknown sources targeting (this blog).

The malicious traffic caused high server load (load spikes) and brought down the server. Restarted web services didn’t help.

That was very frustrating. Website uptime is essential for a full-time blogger, just like how important is the car for a taxi driver.

Website down = No traffic = No $$$

I spent hours and hours sitting in front computer to monitor the server load. Mood went down with the server…

Fighting attackers!

Here I have to praise the support of my hosting provider — Liquidweb.

In order to monitor my server for load spikes that happen randomly, server admins are assigned for 24/7 close monitoring. *thumbs up*

In the end, the server admin blacklisted the IP addresses to return the server to normal stage.

So far, the server performance is good now. There are still some load spikes now and then, but eventually they go down before bringing down the server again.

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The Most Reliable (Free) Blog Hosting

most reliable blog hostingYou want to host your blog for free, but which is the most reliable blog hosting?

Pingdom did a uptime survey of nine blogging services for a period of 4 months. They discovered that the Top 3 most reliable blog hosting services are: Typepad (not free), Blogger, and

uptime for blogging services, 10 nov 2008 - 10 mar 2009

Reliable and Free?

Among the Top 3, Blogger and offer free account. Both have the same downtime of 20 minutes in the 4 months survey period.

So, which is better? I would say Blogger.

Although offer free account too but there are many limitations, one of them is “no custom css”. You cannot edit nor change your own blog theme. You have to pay to have premium features.

Note: is NOT WordPress.ORG (blog publishing application).

On the other hand, Blogger, which is backed by Google big brother, does not have such limitations and has better offer.

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Exabytes’ 7th Anniversary Web Hosting Promotions

Exabytes is celebrating its 7th anniversary and rewarding its customers with 7 great deals.


  1. Express-All-You-Want — Exabytes loves your feedback. Submit your creative feedback in about any format (article, song, video…) and you stand a chance to win the Apple 8GB iPod Touch that worth USD299! You do not need to be an Exabytes’ client to participate.
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  3. Server Management Plan Discount — 70% recurring discount to Exabytes server management plans for new signup.
  4. The Wonders of Domain Names — Exabytes offer Top Level Domain (.com/net/org/info/biz) registration at only USD7.77/year.
  5. Increment in affiliate commission — 50% increment in affiliate commission, which means USD30 per hosting sale.
  6. USD17 discount for all EBiz Gold — Every purchase of 300GB space EBiz Gold plan and enter the coupon code: SuperSeven will get USD17 discount.
  7. Exaybytes Gift — With every purchase of EBiz Gold Plan or BizGrid Plan, you will receive Exabytes limited edition gift (T-shirt and/or Umbrella)

Most promotions will be ended at the end of May 2008. Make sure you grab the deals before too late! For more information, please visit Super Celebration for Exabytes’ 7th Anniversary

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Who are Your Blog’s Neighbors?


Are you hosted in trusted web server ?

Most of the serious bloggers bought their own domain name and web hosting from web hosting provider. As a beginner or moderate bloggers, you might not be able to rent a dedicated server to host your own blog. I believe you are one of the bloggers or website owner that host your blog in shared hosting like me.

So now the question, is your blog or website hosted in a trusted web server? How to check whether your web hosting is trusted?

How to check your blog’s neighbors?

The method is just like how you choose which house to buy? Normally smart resident will ask around the residents nearby and observe their living environment (including the type of residents, geographical and living standard) before they make decision to buy or rent a house.

So in this blogsphere, we also need to check the environment before choose the trusted web hosting. With myIPneighbors IP search, you can check who are your web hosting neighbors.

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