The Most Reliable (Free) Blog Hosting

most reliable blog hostingYou want to host your blog for free, but which is the most reliable blog hosting?

Pingdom did a uptime survey of nine blogging services for a period of 4 months. They discovered that the Top 3 most reliable blog hosting services are: Typepad (not free), Blogger, and

uptime for blogging services, 10 nov 2008 - 10 mar 2009

Reliable and Free?

Among the Top 3, Blogger and offer free account. Both have the same downtime of 20 minutes in the 4 months survey period.

So, which is better? I would say Blogger.

Although offer free account too but there are many limitations, one of them is “no custom css”. You cannot edit nor change your own blog theme. You have to pay to have premium features.

Note: is NOT WordPress.ORG (blog publishing application).

On the other hand, Blogger, which is backed by Google big brother, does not have such limitations and has better offer.

Serious blogger?

If you are a serious blogger (you want to do it BIG), then you should consider renting a good and reliable web hosting and then install WordPress as your blogging platform (the blog platform of choice among top blogs, too).

I use WordPress and love it!

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[Hat tip: Peter Alguacil]

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