PIKOM PC Fair 2009 (I)

PIKOM PC Fair 2009 (I)Last week, I went to the PC Fair 2009 (I) held at KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

PC Fair showgirl
(photo by saimatkong)

What I noticed in PC Fair 2009 (I)

  • DSLR everywhere. there were many people bringing their DSLRs, flashgun to take pictures of the showgirls. I didn’t bring mine and I would be too shy to ask the girls pose for me.
  • Less showgirls. Compared to previous PC Fair, I saw less showgirls this time. Is it due to the economic crisis and the companies are cutting cost?
  • Less buying. It was still very crowded but I see less people were buying. They came out PC Fair with empty hands.
  • Broadband war. Malaysia broadband providers (wired or wireless) were compete in PC Fair. They had the largest booths and hired most sales persons. I rather hope they will improve service quality and coverage area first.

What’s new in PC Fair 2009 (I)?

I don’t see many new/interesting gadgets in the PC Fair. Notebooks and printers are the main products. Netbooks are RM200 cheaper than previous PC Fair.

Asus promoted EeePC 1000HE on their brochure but it hasn’t yet available in Malaysia… Very disappointed.

More booths were selling GPS products. Only one of them has the GPS data logger (used to record your positions during trip) but overpriced. GPS data loggers are priced less than USD$100 in USA.

What I bought in PC Fair 2009 (I)?

Two 8GB Sandisk Ultra II SD cards. I have four 4GB SD cards (All Sandisk, 2 are Ultra II). I discovered that 16GB is not enough for 1 week RAW format shooting like I did in Japan.

Bought 2 packs of Cyber Clean, a gel-like stuff that effectively clean and kills gems. It is fun!

I also bought a Samsung Digital Photo Frame but not in PC Fair. I got better price at Low Yat Plaza for the digital photo frame, RM460.

P.S. Do you know the TM Streamyx + HP promotion? Sign-up 1.0Mbps package for 2 years and you get a FREE PC! (not high-end PC though)

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9 thoughts on “PIKOM PC Fair 2009 (I)”

  1. yes, looking similar here in Penang.

    Less number of booths too if I may add. If I’m not mistaken, down from ~250 to ~200 in KLCC this year, and looks a bit less crowded at PISA Penang too.

    Yes, definitely almost no showgirls except at just one gaming booth!

  2. I agree with you. Was at PC Fair JB, lots of people but few buyers. Somehow, people are buying small stuffs instead of big items. Is it because of the economic slowdown?

  3. well, alot of ppl just go there to shoot girls.
    alot of window shopping and buying small stuffs like memory cards, harddisks, etc.
    didnt see many carrying desktops, laptops, printers.

    and yeah, those broadband promoters are desperate for sales, like vultures. hehehehe

  4. i went to pc fairs rcently. i fell in love with hp laptops.
    i'd like to buy it, but i cant rmember wut sries is dat hp laptops.
    help me, its da one inside da flyers with bronze in color..
    anybdy, plis give rspons


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