Hooray! New Google AdSense Ads Designs to Increase Your Revenue!

Google AdsenseGoogle AdSense announced the new design for content ad units. The new formats are more space-efficient and visually pleasing. The redesigned ads performed “extremely well” (read: more revenue) during testing, according to Google AdSense team.

Here are the Google AdSense content ad unit changes:

  • Leaderboard (728×90): the title, description, and URL are now arranged in rows instead of columns (except in the case when only one ad is showing)
  • Medium and large rectangles (300×250, 336×280): the URL is now in the same line as the title

As far as I can remember, these are the first major changes to the designs of Google AdSense content ad units since it was launched.

The Google AdSense ad formats page hasn’t been updated to new designs when I checked.

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Make Money Online via Email Marketing

This is a guest post by Siau Hen. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

Like most of many internet marketing first timers around, I searched for all possible ways to earn money online and implemented them all with great enthusiasm.

I initiated things out by doing every possible activity which I think can make money from. I started to create some blogs, I even built minisite, established plenty of microniche and many more. I knew the ways to monetize all those websites as stated above by placing Adsense on the websites, selling affiliate products and so on.

These have become a very lucrative money making ways for some successful online marketers. However, for a beginner like me, it requires real hard work, persistence for a long time wait, and I need to pour out lots of resources while initially earning small.

I already have tried several methods yet the only method that I found very effective is email marketing. Normally, this method is the final option before most of the internet marketer achieve their success in money making online. In fact, for those who discovered the efficacy of email marketing, most of them they felt regret of not using this method before hand.

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