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This is a guest post by Siau Hen. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

Like most of many internet marketing first timers around, I searched for all possible ways to earn money online and implemented them all with great enthusiasm.

I initiated things out by doing every possible activity which I think can make money from. I started to create some blogs, I even built minisite, established plenty of microniche and many more. I knew the ways to monetize all those websites as stated above by placing Adsense on the websites, selling affiliate products and so on.

These have become a very lucrative money making ways for some successful online marketers. However, for a beginner like me, it requires real hard work, persistence for a long time wait, and I need to pour out lots of resources while initially earning small.

I already have tried several methods yet the only method that I found very effective is email marketing. Normally, this method is the final option before most of the internet marketer achieve their success in money making online. In fact, for those who discovered the efficacy of email marketing, most of them they felt regret of not using this method before hand.

If you are currently handling an online business and it is not providing you a good income, you should try email marketing. Nevertheless, if you are already earning from your current online activity, email marketing will certainly double or even triple your current income.

But no matter how lucrative email marketing may sound, many people seem to find it unattractive. Here are some reasons why.

  1. Technically speaking, many online marketers found email marketing very complex to set up.
  2. It is expensive in the sense that it will cost you monthly fees for a third party host email responder.
  3. Many have doubts on it’s feasibility and they are not so certain whether it will give them the desired profit.

I actually have experienced the similar predicament but since I learned that many people become successful with it, I gave myself a try. Here are my reasons why I found email marketing worth a try.

  1. All you need to do is to write emails. You don’t need to create another website and spend more for it.
  2. You no longer simply watch your visitors come and go but make them your asset especially when they subscribe to your email list.
  3. The objective of email marketing is ensure your prospective clients see you email. Unlike for the website, it is difficult to get your visitor come back to your website again and again. However, for the email inbox, there is always an urging feeling for the prospect to read your message.

Email marketing has been a great tool for those who trusted its efficacy. It has brought many online money makers to success. If you want to achieve greater success in your online business, I recommend that you use email marketing as one of your best tools.

This is guest post by Siau Hen (a.k.a Bryan), he is a part-time internet marketer and technology lover, he blog about HDTV and LCD at If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

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