1Gbps Broadband Service in Malaysia for $64 a month

high speed internet

Malaysia: Aren’t you hungry for fast Internet speed? Unifi 20Mbps broadband is nothing if compared to the 1Gbps broadband service launched by Vasseti Datatech.

The 1Gbps broadband is available at three condominiums in the city — Capital Square in Kuala Lumpur, The Loft in Bangsar and the Suasana Sentral Condominium in KL Sentral. The 1 Gbps broadband will be offered at RM199 per month and does not include any data cap.

1Gbps broadband at only RM199 per month! That’s paying the same money as Unifi VIP10 package but you get 10x faster broadband!

Malaysia’s average broadband speed is only 2.31 Mbps.

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Streamyx Down and Fixed, again

Just like many other Malaysians, my Internet broadband service — TMNet Streamyx — was unreliable in the last week. The Internet connection kept on disconnecting. If connected (lucky!), it was snail speed broadband connection. How to solve the problem? I called the free service number “100” for 3 times and the technicians troubleshoot my line for 3 times to fix it too.

1st call

My line was very noisy. Called 100 and opened a file. The next day, we received a call from TM technician asking if the line was clear (without visiting my house). Yes, it was clear at that moment. Few hours later, the line noise is back. Streamyx was also down. Called 100 again.

2nd call

The TM technician came in the morning and I hadn’t woke up (typical liewcf’s blogger life style). My brother told me that the technician told him that the phone line was soaking in the water (?!?!). He had clear the water and the line was ok. Good job, fixed in 5 minutes! (although the solution was abnormal)

Again, the broadband connection up for a few hours and down again… Testing our patience huh?

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