1Gbps Broadband Service in Malaysia for $64 a month

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Malaysia: Aren’t you hungry for fast Internet speed? Unifi 20Mbps broadband is nothing if compared to the 1Gbps broadband service launched by Vasseti Datatech.

The 1Gbps broadband is available at three condominiums in the city — Capital Square in Kuala Lumpur, The Loft in Bangsar and the Suasana Sentral Condominium in KL Sentral. The 1 Gbps broadband will be offered at RM199 per month and does not include any data cap.

1Gbps broadband at only RM199 per month! That’s paying the same money as Unifi VIP10 package but you get 10x faster broadband!

Malaysia’s average broadband speed is only 2.31 Mbps.

How fast is 1Gbps?

By theory, 1Gbps broadband connection allows you to download 128MB per second, download full disc of DVD video (4.7GB) in 37.6 seconds, fill up your 1TB hard disk in 2 hours and 12 minutes! 1Gbps is 10x faster than your 100Mbps home network!

My two cents

Frankly, I have never heard about the Vasseti company. It is not a major ISP in Malaysia. I am doubtful. How trustworthy is the company and their services?

If the service is real.. Hey, any room for rent in the 3 condominiums mentioned? I wanna move in there NOW!

What’s your Internet connection speed now? I am on 1Mbps (hell, that’s 1000x slower than 1Gbps!)

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Update: Malaysia businessman Tan Sri Syed Yusof Syed Nasir has bought a 30% stake in Vasseti Bhd. (hat tip: @appsmy)

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27 thoughts on “1Gbps Broadband Service in Malaysia for $64 a month”

  1. Download 1 TB = 132 minutes
    1 day = 1440 minutes = 10.9 TB = 10 900GB = 2,319 DVDs

    1TB 3.5″ external hard disk = ~RM200
    So you may need to spend ~RM2200
    on hard disk storage Per DAY!
    That’s ALOOOOOOT!

  2. How come they only offer such service to the affluent. Those clowns living there might not even heard of internet …. LOL! Offer that to the common people like us please! Or maybe the Tan Sri actually live there …. hmmmm!

    • I believe it is the sensible business decision. They offer the first batch to those willing and can afford the initial premium price so Vasseti can recover part of the capital for their investment, and later (best case scenario), the offerings will be cheaper for the masses.

  3. Sorry to spill the cold water guys, the measurement is Gbps which means Giga bits per second and not Byte per second.

    There are 8 bits in a Byte. A character (alphbetic or numbers or anything on your keyboard) is made up of 8 bits.

    @liewcf – you’re on one thing – its 10 times faster than existing 100Mbps speed. :)

    • yes, I know 8 bits is 1 byte.

      by theory…
      1Mbps get 128 KiloByte/second.
      10 Mbps get 1.28MegaByte/sec.
      100 Mbps would be 12.8MB/sec.
      1000 Mbps get 128MB/sec.

      Am I correct?

  4. I’m currently staying in Suasana Loft and the 1Gbps connection is what all the tenants are sharing (600 units). We actualy pay 199RM a month for 10Mbps and we get the full speed off peak hours
    1Gbps for 600 units is kind of a high contention ratio…

  5. I stubbled on this video . Is this the service you are all talking about ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l31FMe7e6qA 
    If yes … DAMN ! I WANT IT !

  6. So, the real through put on a good day with light traffic is 20 to 25 Mbps. I have regularly tested this to the local test server but, the bottle necks kick in after the ISPs and the rate drops really fast becasuse of oversold capacity. TM however gives what the say for UniFi …. Meaning 5 Mbps is 5 Mbps and 20 Mbps is 20 Mbps.

    If only the WiraZone people would stop blocking TM access except for their old Streamxy service.
    To me it seems against the governments policy to restrict service to people who want it.

    Perhaps it is time for the MCMC to get involved.


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