Fooled by Streamyx?

This is my third post about Tmnet Streamyx for the third day…

23rd March 2004 — according to my housemate who stay at home whole day, the line is okay during day time. “Finally, it is back to normal~”, I felt so in office when got his good news.

When I back home, the first thing I do is to check the @#$%^&* DSL LED. Wow! It is on and not flashing! Great! :D

*happy happy*

I rest my mind and went for dinner… back infront my computer monitor at 9pm. Something wrong… look at the *censored* *censored* *censored* DSL *censored* LED…

*CENSORED* It is blinking again! :(

It remind me the song we sang during primary school, “一闪一闪亮晶晶……” (“little star”, if I am correct)

I gave it times to back to normal. Waiting it while watching VCD… one disc, two disc, third disc… It has been blinking for three hours till 12am!

“Sorry, I can’t wait anymore. You have reached my limit!”

Unplug the DSL router modem and throw it away(kidding, of coz) and plug in phone line into my old dusty 56k modem. *hug hug*

“Deeee….Doooo….Duuu….Yiii……Gi….” (read: initialting connection… connected… verifying username and password…)

Great! It is connected! :D

First thing to do is checking emails… just after few minutes, something wrong again. The modem is not receiving any incoming data…

Okie, disconnect and reconnect back.

“……………………..” (read: silent)

No sound come out from modem. Then an error message pop up, “Verifying username/password failed, please check your username and password again”(something like that)

FINE! Even dialup also fails now! *censored* *censored*


I gave up. Unplug modem and plug DSL router modem back… SURPRISED!!! No more blinking DSL LED! It is connected at 446k! :D

*Fast fast launched my browser to blog this post*

Just after I typed the first sentence of this post, the *censored censored censored…* DSL LED is blinking AGAIN! What a surprise huh?

This is a delayed post which is written at 24-MAr-2004 1:00am.

Spending many time to plug/unplug, testing, asking, searching, praying… just wish the little *censored* LED on but not blinking.

It has totally spoiled my mood. :(

As far as I know, the line is okay start from early morning (3am to 4am) till evening or night(8pm-9pm). It will blinking blinking at the time I want to access Internet(start from 10pm)…

*censored* ! Really feel that I have been fooled by Tmnet…

P/S: “pick up – put down trick” in previous post’s comment does not work for me. Modem tweaking does not apply to my *censored* router modem neither. Thanks for the helps, anyway.

[Updated @ 2:00am]
Well, it is fine now but also time to bed… :?

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10 thoughts on “Fooled by Streamyx?”

  1. wow .. I know how you feel. it’s hard. I’m so lucky that my line is quite good. My current uptime is 10 days without single drop. I guess this is the only advantage being in east coast. broadband adoption is still low, so no mess yet .. :)

  2. k4ml: 10days without drop? the uptime almost can compete with most web hosting! :P Well, it is impossible in KL…
    prema: I will definately call tmnet if it still blinking most of the time in next few days.

  3. Referring to your previous post, here’s a simple message for you: Take it easy man.

    No, you should call TMNut now. Tell them to reset your line. My Stremyx was like that before too, but now my line never drops. Once it all gets sorted out you’ll enjoy the same thing. Chill ok? :o)

  4. David: your line never drop also?! wow!
    Iceberg: cute? you like cute guy mah? ;)
    Squall: dun think it is modem problem. if it is then it shouldn’t only got problem at night.


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