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How To: Bomb Google with Blogs

A Googlebomb is an attempt to influence the ranking of a given site in results returned by Google. Due to the way that Google’s algorithm works, a website will be ranked higher if the sites that link to that page all use consistent text. Googlebomb is used both as a verb and a noun.

Source: WikiPedia.org

You pay thousands to Search Engine Optimization(SEO) company to increase your site ranking in Google search result? Recently, a guy – Daniel Brandt – successfully bombed Google for “out of touch executives” by using only five domains. Better still, a blogger just bombed Google for “rudest pub” by using only three blog entries! (Source: http://www.theregister.com/content/6/36667.html)

How to bomb Google? (in theory)

  1. choose the phrase you want to use. Example: “malaysia blogger”.
  2. Put the following code in your blog entries:
    <a href="http://www.TARGET.com">malaysia blogger</a>
  3. Put the same code in few other blog sites(can ask your friendsss to help you).
  4. Wait Google spider to crawls… (about months)
  5. Test the result by searching the choosen phrase in Google.com. Is it No.1 in result?

Frankly, I haven’t test this yet but it should works. Let me know if it works, but don’t ask me to help you bomb Google. :P

Certainly, there are some weakness in Google searching formula. If you know how to play it, you ruled Google – the greatest search engine.

Please note that Google bomb is not good because it will effect the accuracy of search result. However, if you are planning to pay for SEO, why don’t do it by yourselves?

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