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UnoDNS: Fast Speed Access to Blocked Stream Content Outside USA (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and more)


UnoTelly’s UnoDNS is a special DNS service that allows you to access blocked content outside USA (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and more) with maximum connection speed.

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First world problem

Hulu blocks non-US users from watching their videos
Hulu blocks non-US users from watching their videos (Image credit: Mashable)

One of the major online frustration of netizens living outside USA is that many online video & music streaming services are not available outside USA, even though we are on same cyberspace.

Online stream channels such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Pandora checks your IP address’ location and block non-U.S users, even you are willing to pay for their services.

VPN is not a good enough

VPN service can be used to pretend that you are in U.S. But VPN access often slows ands lag because your connection has to route through proxy server to stream server. Also, most VPN services apply limited monthly bandwidth cap to prevent you from streaming too many high resolution movies.

What is UnoDNS

UnoTelly’s UnoDNS is a DNS service that pretend you are from U.S. when you visit many supported stream channels (currently 99 channels), so that you get access to the geo constraint content. It acts as normal DNS server when you access other sites.

UnoDNS Channels
UnoDNS Channels include many popular online streaming media content.

It works in background once setup. No software installation is required. Support all devices that support custom DNS setting: Windows, Mac, Linux, game console, TV, smartphone, tablet.

With the cloud networking infrastructure (Amazon EC2), you can select the server to the nearest of your location for maximum speed, reliability. In the case of server down, there’s always a backup to take place immediately.

Because there is no VPN-like connection routing, you will get direct connection for maximum speed and unlimited streaming with no bandwidth cap.

Using UnoDNS

UnoDNS setup is easy by following the setup wizard. It has detailed step-by-step instruction as well as video tutorial.

It is a “set it and forget it” process. You won’t notice that it is working for you until, occasionally, it asks you to update IP address via web browser.

Once setup, you can start access stream websites that previously block you. It works like magic! I use the service daily to listen to Internet radio stations while working.

Unotelly also has a great knowledgebase with all the information you need to sign up and access different channels.

Please note that UnoDNS does not support hotel network, 3G/4G, public WiFi. UnoTelly includes a bonus UnoVPN to access blocked content using US or UK IP address. I don’t get access to UnoVPN in my reviewer account.


UnoDNS has 2 different pricing plans: Gold and Premium. UnoDNS Gold (25 more channels + VPN) monthly price is US$7.95. UnoDNS Premium is US$4.95. More discount if you subscribe for a year.

UnoDNS discount code

If you are interested to sign up UnoDNS after reading this review, here is a discount code for you: “liewcf”

The discount code gives you 20% discount for all Unotelly Gold program subscriptions. It can be used by 10 people and expire at 10/10/2012.

➤ UnoTelly’s UnoDNS

[box type=”info”]Disclosure: I was given a free UnoDNS VIP Gold Review account to write this review.[/box]

Update: Add channel numbers and different between Gold and Premium account.

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