Update: Maxis ONE Plan with Unlimited Calls and SMS, for Real

MaxisONE banner

MaxisONE banner

Last month, the article I wrote “Here’s What Maxis Do Not Tell You About Maxis One Plan“, which revealed the information about the 1st in Malaysia postpaid plan with limitless call minutes & SMS.

The article received unexpected huge responses. Many friends and readers shared the article, even Maxis PR called to express their “concern”.

A friend asked me, “Was your writeup about Maxis initiated by some other telco?”

The answer is: No.

I wrote the article because, after reading all the details and checked the facts, I think that I should share the information I learned. Plus, Maxis customers might want to understand the postpaid plan before they subscribe.

For Maxis, I apologize if it was rather harsh.

Now, here is a follow-up update about Maxis ONE plan.

Maxis ONE Plan update

A reader “burn“ informed me that Maxis no longer apply 3000 minutes & SMS Fair-Usage-Policy (FUP). That’s a good news!

Here’s the related text in MaxisONE Terms & Conditions:

6. In respect of the voice & SMS allocated with the Plan, the Customer/Participant acknowledges and accepts that:

a. The Limitless minutes and SMS’ applies to:

i. Domestic mobile ON-net usage for MaxisONEâ„¢ plan lite (Excluding OFF-net calls, calls to fixed lines, video calls, calls to special numbers, calls to 1-300/1-800 numbers & calls to 121 number)

ii. Domestic mobile/fixed ON-net & OFF-net usage for MaxisONEâ„¢ plan (Excluding , video calls, calls to special numbers, calls to 1-300/1-800 numbers & calls to 121 number)

b. For any excessive usage or on suspicion of fraud or any illegal practice or unusual activity in respect of the Customer’s/Participant’s Account with MMSSB, MMSSB at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right at any time, without being liable to the Customer/Participant’s or any third party to discontinue, disconnect, interrupt, bar or suspend the service for such period of time as we deem fit.”

In short, now MaxisONE plans are officially with unlimited call minutes and SMS’! No more 3000 call minutes and 3000 SMS’ FUP limits!

With a fixed monthly postpaid plan fee, now you can talk till jaw drop and send SMS till fingers broken. (Maxis ONE Lite plan is limitless for Maxis networks only)

But, don’t try to be evil with the unlimited calls & SMS benefits, else Maxis has the right to suspend your account.

Except the waive of 3000 FUP, nothing chance for Maxis ONE Plan, still  same price, same data quota, data quota upgrade fee, data boosters fee. Video calls (not video call mobile apps) and MMS charges are still apply to Maxis ONE plan.

Here is the updated Maxis ONE Plan details table. Feel free to share with your friends.

Updated: Maxis ONE Plan details
Updated: Maxis ONE Plan details

What do you think about the Maxis ONE plan update? Would you subscribe the postpaid plan now? Why?

Here’s What Maxis Do NOT Tell You about Maxis ONE Plan

(Image: modesty by Lexie Lannom, on Flickr)

MaxisONE plan is the new Maxis postpaid plan launched on 30 May 2014. The Internet plans offer free calls, free SMS, and flat rate data roaming.

“It is the only internet plan that offers limitless talk and text, an ‘Always On’ internet experience and worry-free roaming.”, say Maxis.

The plan looks great but there are some hidden information you may want to know before subscribing. Read on to know what Maxis not telling you openly.

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What Maxis tell you

MaxisONE banner

Two MaxisONE plans are available: MaxisONE plan lite (RM78) and MaxisONE plan (RM128).

Maxis ONE plan lite

  • Limitless calls to all Maxis/Hotlink numbers
  • Limitless SMS to all Maxis/Hotlink numbers
  • 1GB monthly data quota
  • No extra charges after data quota
  • One flat rate data roaming in 106 countries (RM38/day)

MaxisONE plan

  • Limitless calls to all networks (including fixed line)
  • Limitless SMS to all networks
  • 2GB monthly data quota
  • Data quota is upgradable up to 6GB for RM30/GB/month
  • No extra charges after data quota
  • One flat rate data roaming in 106 countries (RM38/day)

You can temporary increase data quota with purchase of Data Boost. It is one-time fee and non auto-renewal.

Maxis offer three smartphones with both MaxisONE plans: Huawei Y530, HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5.

What Maxis do not tell you…

1. Limited Limitless

“Limitless talk and text” means “unlimited call and SMS”, right? Wrong.

Though Maxis uses “limitless” in the postpaid plan, it actually has a FUP (Fair Use Policy) of 3,000 minutes call and 3,000 SMS per month.

Yes, 3000 minutes and 3000 SMS are a lot, still it is not all-you-can-talk/text plan. It is about one and half hour call and 100 SMS per day.

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After exceeded the monthly bundle (3000 minutes and 3000 SMS), you will have to pay per use:

  • MaxisONE plan lite: RM0.15 per minute and RM0.10 per SMS (all networks)
  • MaxisONE plan: RM0.10 Maxis/Hotlink call and SMS, RM0.15 other networks call and SMS.

2. ‘Always On’ Internet is not usable

Maxis does not charge you after used up all data quota, but your mobile connection speed will drop to a slow speed. The data speed is so slow that you will pull off all your hair and pay for data boosters.

3. More smartphones with Maxis ONE plan

Besides the already told MaxisONE plan with Huawei Y530 (free), HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5, Maxis also offer the following smartphones:

  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • Sony Xperia M2
  • Xiaomi Mi3
  • HTC Desire 816
  • HTC Desire 310 (free)
  • Huawei Y330 (free)

All smartphone with MaxisONE plan is tied to 24 month (2 years) contract.

4. Flat rate data roaming with quota

The RM38 per day flat rate data roaming in 106 countries is subject to Fair Usage Policy. Meaning, it has a data quota limit. Do not dream to download movies while you are using data roaming.

Maxis have not tell what is the data quota limit. I guess it depends on the local telco you are visiting.

Anyhow, if exceeding the unknown fair usage limit, your mobile Internet speed will be very very slow. You can purchase another data roaming pass (RM38) to recover the Internet speed.

You would not be charged for exceeding data roaming quota limit, however.

5. Other charges

Though not sure why you still use these on smartphone, anyway, there are charges for video calls and MMS. 1 minute video call will charge you 15 sen (on-net) or 40 sen (off-net). Each MMS is 25 sen (on-net) and 50 sen (off-net).

MaxisONE plan in details

Here I made a table better showing MaxisONE plan structure:

Maxis ONE plan details
Maxis ONE plan details


When you use the words “FREE” and “Limitless”, I am expecting “free and unlimited”. Yes, I know it would be too good to be true and not practicable in business.

Please do not shout “limitless” when it has limit (FUP).

MaxisONE plan is best for smartphone users who talk and text a lot. If you talk and text less, check out Maxis TalkMore plans. If you consume Internet data more than you call & SMS, use Maxis SurfMore plans.

Take note that MaxisONE plan lite’s free talk and text is only Maxis network. Unless all your family, friends, and customers are on Maxis network, MaxisONE plan lite might give you bill shock.

What do you think about MaxisONE plan? Please comment and Share this with your family and friends.

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P1 Updated WiMAX Wireless Broadband Plans. What Have Changed?

P1 promotion banner
P1 promotion banner

Packet One Networks (P1) updated their WiMAX wireless broadband plans in June 2013. There are some changes in terms of pricing and allowed data quota. I checked with its previous plans and here’s my finding.

Compare P1 OnePlan

P1 OnePlan is the plan with both P1 home router modem and P1 on-the-go modem (MiFi). Here are the updated OnePlan packages:

New P1 OnePlan
New P1 OnePlan

Here are the previous OnePlan packages:

Old P1 OnePlan
Old P1 OnePlan

When you compare with previous OnePlan, you will notice that the new OnePlan 109 is more expensive but same data quota with previous OnePlan 99. However OnePlan 129 receives 5GB more data quota per month. OnePlan 169, despite higher monthly price, has lower price per GB.

Previously, you receive free MF230 MiFi modem with OnePlan 99 and add RM100 for MX230 MiFi modem; Both OnePlan 129 and OnePlan 149 receives free MF230 or MX230.

Now, P1 no longer offer free MiFi modem to low OnePlan. OnePlan 109 customer needs to pay RM100 for MF230 or RM150 for MX230. OnePlan 129 get MF230 for free but need to pay RM150 for MX230. High plan, OnePlan 169, still receives free MF230 or MX230.

Compare P1 ForHome Plans

P1 ForHome is the wireless broadband plans with home router modem only (no MiFi modem). Here are the updated ForHome plans:

New P1 ForHome plans
New P1 ForHome plans

Here are the previous ForHome plans:

Previous ForHome Plan
Previous ForHome Plan

The low ForHome 79 plan is more expensive than previous ForHome 69 but share the same 8GB data quota per month. ForHome 99 and ForHome 139 are cheaper for previous mid and high plans, in terms of price per GB.

Compare P1 ToGo Plans

P1 ToGo is designed for mobile users, 4 types of P1 modem available: UT235 USB dongle, UH 235 USB modem, MF230 and MX230 MiFi modem. Here are the updated ToGo plans:

New P1 ToGo plans
New P1 ToGo plans

Here are the previous ToGo plans:

Previous P1 ToGo plans
Previous P1 ToGo plans

The monthly prices and data quotas stay the same. New ToGo 39 plan receives free UT 235 dongle with 6-months contract or free UH 235 USB modem with 12-month contract. But, ToGo 39 24-month contract now need to pay RM100 for MF230 MiFi or RM150 for MX230 MiFi – pay RM50 more each.

ToGo 69 and ToGo 99 now get free MF230 MiFi for 12-month contract or add RM150 for MX230 MiFi.


The low plan for each category (OnePlan, ForHome, ToGo) is more expensive after update. Mid and High plans now get more data quota but also increase in monthly fees, though the “price per GB quota” is cheaper. Make sure you use as much allowed data quota as possible, so that you are not wasting money (higher monthly fee) paying what you are not using (more data quota).

What do you think about the new P1 wireless broadband plans?