Update: Maxis ONE Plan with Unlimited Calls and SMS, for Real

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Last month, the article I wrote “Here’s What Maxis Do Not Tell You About Maxis One Plan“, which revealed the information about the 1st in Malaysia postpaid plan with limitless call minutes & SMS.

The article received unexpected huge responses. Many friends and readers shared the article, even Maxis PR called to express their “concern”.

A friend asked me, “Was your writeup about Maxis initiated by some other telco?”

The answer is: No.

I wrote the article because, after reading all the details and checked the facts, I think that I should share the information I learned. Plus, Maxis customers might want to understand the postpaid plan before they subscribe.

For Maxis, I apologize if it was rather harsh.

Now, here is a follow-up update about Maxis ONE plan.

Maxis ONE Plan update

A reader “burn“ informed me that Maxis no longer apply 3000 minutes & SMS Fair-Usage-Policy (FUP). That’s a good news!

Here’s the related text in MaxisONE Terms & Conditions:

6. In respect of the voice & SMS allocated with the Plan, the Customer/Participant acknowledges and accepts that:

a. The Limitless minutes and SMS’ applies to:

i. Domestic mobile ON-net usage for MaxisONEâ„¢ plan lite (Excluding OFF-net calls, calls to fixed lines, video calls, calls to special numbers, calls to 1-300/1-800 numbers & calls to 121 number)

ii. Domestic mobile/fixed ON-net & OFF-net usage for MaxisONEâ„¢ plan (Excluding , video calls, calls to special numbers, calls to 1-300/1-800 numbers & calls to 121 number)

b. For any excessive usage or on suspicion of fraud or any illegal practice or unusual activity in respect of the Customer’s/Participant’s Account with MMSSB, MMSSB at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right at any time, without being liable to the Customer/Participant’s or any third party to discontinue, disconnect, interrupt, bar or suspend the service for such period of time as we deem fit.”

In short, now MaxisONE plans are officially with unlimited call minutes and SMS’! No more 3000 call minutes and 3000 SMS’ FUP limits!

With a fixed monthly postpaid plan fee, now you can talk till jaw drop and send SMS till fingers broken. (Maxis ONE Lite plan is limitless for Maxis networks only)

But, don’t try to be evil with the unlimited calls & SMS benefits, else Maxis has the right to suspend your account.

Except the waive of 3000 FUP, nothing chance for Maxis ONE Plan, still  same price, same data quota, data quota upgrade fee, data boosters fee. Video calls (not video call mobile apps) and MMS charges are still apply to Maxis ONE plan.

Here is the updated Maxis ONE Plan details table. Feel free to share with your friends.

Updated: Maxis ONE Plan details
Updated: Maxis ONE Plan details

What do you think about the Maxis ONE plan update? Would you subscribe the postpaid plan now? Why?

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24 thoughts on “Update: Maxis ONE Plan with Unlimited Calls and SMS, for Real”

  1. Good job in writing such article. I don’t think it’s harsh but the truth might not be pleasent to everyone. Again, the use of the word limitless by Maxis is a marketing gimmicks!

  2. For maxis one plan lite, there is no rates quoted for off-net call and SMS. As this is not free, Maxis should be transparent with them.

  3. I just trasfer my digi num to maxis one plan.. And i just stuck in mobile data.. Itz too slow, even i on 3G in my iphone 4s.. Any solution for that??? And do u sure that after 3000 minutes, thats no other extra charge?

    • Hi Roy, please contact Maxis for your slow mobile data problem. It could due to poor signal coverage in your area.

      Yes, Maxis ONE plan is unlimited call now, pay its monthly fee and you get unlimited calls minutes and SMS. No extra charge after 3000 minutes.

  4. Thanks CFL.. its good to hear the “real” deal about this plan.. Now, I am happy to join Maxis One Plan soon.. Thanks again..

  5. Hey there, just wanted to know if the “limitless” call means that you can call as much as you want to any networks? with no quota?

  6. Hi.
    i just want to ‘update’ what LiewCF has posted here.

    1. Limited Limitless – FUP is designed so ppl use the line for own personal use and maybe some friends and families can borrow the phone to make calls. It was meant to protect the network from flooding and mass calls/sms such as in a call center or for commercial purposes. maxis provide other plans for this purposes. if you really use it until its limit the centralized processing unit will monitor your line and make sure you are not breaking the law. if you really use it for personal use then maxis will increase the limit to 5k calls/sms

    2. ‘Always On’ Internet is not usable – 1plan is designed for a 4G LTE compatible phone. from 4G LTE the data will slow down to 2G GPRS (which is fine) and if u use a 3G WCDMA phone it will slow down to EDGE network which is really slow.

    3. More smartphones with Maxis ONE plan – Only if you buy a device with 1plan u will be subjected to 24mths contract. use your own phone and get 1 plan u will not be tied up to any contract.

    4. Flat rate data roaming with quota: data roaming makes it easier for you to get in touch with your family and friends back in ur hometown. use the local wifi to download youtube videos.

    5. Other charges – video calls, mms, bulk msgs, conference calls, application calls, continuous call forward, auto dials, machine2machine comms, CTU, etc. its only free if u use it for personal use. use your fingers and not machines.



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