Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) with IP68 Dust and Water Resistant

Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) dust and water resistance

Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) is the company’s first mid-range smartphones carry an IP68 dust and water resistance rating.

Samsung Malaysia launches the new Galaxy A series (2017)
Samsung Malaysia launches the new Galaxy A series (2017)

In the first week of 2017, Samsung Malaysia launches the new Galaxy A series (2017) with IP68 dust and water resistance rating.

The target market of the new Galaxy A series (2017) is the millennial consumers who are socially active, fun-seeking individuals who live in the moment.

New Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) targeting millennial consumers
New Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) targeting millennial consumers

“For the first time ever in the Galaxy A series, we made the 2017 variant to be dust and water resistant – youthful, trendy and cool as the right companion for millennials!” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.

IP68 Dust and Water resistance

Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) dust and water resistance
Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) dust and water resistance

For the first time, Samsung’s mid-range smartphones get IP68 dust and water resistance rating.

Meaning, the Galaxy A5(2017) and Galaxy A7(2017)phones can stay in 1.5 metres of water for 30 minutes and protected against dust ingress.

IP stands for “Ingress Protection”. The first digit is for solids protection rate. The second digit is for liquids protection. 6 is the highest rate for solids protection. The highest rate for liquid protection is 9K, a level above IPx8.


Both front and rear camera of Galaxy A5(2017) and Galaxy A7(2017) are 16MP resolution with F1.9 big aperture lens.

With Light+ Camera feature, the phone camera would take sharper and brighter photos in low light or at night.

The new phone series has a Floating Camera Button which can be moved freely anywhere on the screen. It is a convenient feature for selfies.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay works on terminal
Samsung Pay works on terminal

The new Galaxy A series (2017) is Samsung Pay ready. It allows you to make purchases using the phone where credit, debit, prepaid cards are accepted. It is compatible with NFC (Near Field Communication) and MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) terminals.

Currently, Samsung Pay in Malaysia is beta testing for selected Maybank Visa cardholders. More Malaysia banks (CIMB, Citibank, Standard Chartered) will support Samsung Pay.

Other features

Other features of the new Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) include a bigger battery, fast-charging via USB Type-C port, “Always On” display feature, secure folder, and free Samsung Cloud storage.

Galaxy A5 (2017) vs Galaxy A (2017)

Compare Samsung Galaxy A series 2016 vs 2017
Compare Samsung Galaxy A series 2016 vs 2017

Besides the prices, Galaxy A7(2017) and Galaxy A5(2017) only have small differences:

  • Display: 5.7″ (A7) vs 5.2″ (A5)
  • Battery: 3,600 mAh (A7) vs 3,000 mAh (A5)

Compared to last year (2016) Galaxy A series, the 2017 models have higher resolution cameras, especially for the front-facing camera – a major upgrade from 5MP to 16MP (2017)!

Also, Galaxy A series (2017) have double phone storage space, larger battery capacity and, of course, IP68 dust and water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy A series (2017) price

The recommended retail price is RM1,899 for Galaxy A7(2017) and RM1,699 for Galaxy A5(2017) inclusive of GST.

The new Galaxy A series (2017) will be available at all Samsung brand stores in Malaysia from 25th January 2017 onwards (just before Chinese New Year).

New Galaxy A series (2017) available for pre-order
New Galaxy A series (2017) available for pre-order

Customers who make in-store pre-order at selected Samsung outlets start from 6th to 15th January 2017 will receive a free Samsung Level U Pro wireless headphones worth RM399.

Online-preorder is available on Samsung online stores at Lazada and 11street.

Top Korean Apps launched at Muhibbah Apps Talent 2015 @ Malaysia [Sponsored]

Group photo of VIPs and Korean App developers during the launch
Group photo of VIPs and Korean App developers during the launch
Group photo of VIPs and Korean App developers during the launch

The Muhibbah Apps Talent 2015 that was part of the regional Korean App Wave event series was held at Putrajaya Malaysia. The highlight of the event was the launch of 10 Korean mobile apps.

Mobile app developers from Korea sharing their challenges and wins
Mobile app developers from Korea sharing their challenges and wins

The event sponsored by Mobile Internet Business Association – Korea (MOIBA), co-organized by Ubi-Nuri Inc., hosted by My Appszil Asia SdnBhd (MASB) and supported by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) Sdn Bhd was attended by the Ambassador of Korea to Malaysia, government agencies, app developers, gamers, journalists, bloggers, students and others in the related industries.

MOIBA is an association that owns the largest members associated with the mobile industry giants in South Korea, including major companies such as SK Telecom, LGU+, KT, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and other 370 companies in various related fields.

Dato' Ng Wan Peng, COO of MDeC officiating the launch
Dato’ Ng Wan Peng, COO of MDeC officiating the launch

The two days event from the 8th to 9th September showcased top mobile apps from Korea and Malaysia. There were presentations and demonstrations by top selected app developers from both countries, sharing of success strategies as well as lessons learnt during the app development from conceptual to marketing stage.

MoU signing
MoU signing

During the launch on the second day, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Ubinuri Inc., My Appszil Asia Sdn Bhd and MDec to signify the collaboration of the promotion and localization of Korean apps in Malaysia.

Arnold Kang, Marketing Director, Ubinuri presenting insights to the Korean mobile app market
Arnold Kang, Marketing Director, Ubinuri presenting insights to the Korean mobile app market

Mobile apps is a fast growing market and those who have ventured into this industry many years ago are now greatly rewarded as being the pioneers in a leading industry. Paul Noh, CEO and Arnold Kang, Marketing Director of UbiNuri shared that the top five countries with the highest app revenue are Japan with a 1.4x growth, US, South Korea, Germany and the UK. The fast emerging countries were India, Mexico and Indonesia.

As for South Korea with a population of 50 million, they have a very high Smartphone penetration of up to 83%. It comes as no surprise that up to 93% of them are Android users, thanks to Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics. It is also estimated that Smartphone usage per day is up to 219 minutes. The healthy app market size is valued at $2.7 billion and Korea commands 50% market share of top 10 games. In-store app purchases are up to 70%. It was also shared that Koreans loves to try new games. Hence, there is a short life span for games. Up to 22.3% games developed would bring in significant revenue 6 months later.

En Mohd Asrul from MDeC sharing on ICON3
En Mohd Asrul from MDeC sharing on ICON3

Malaysia is also considered an emerging country and to support this, MDeC developed an eco-system called ICON to cultivate talents, nurture them and provide market access. From 2011 to 2014, it partnered with enterprises such as Microsoft, Nokia, ECS and Amazon to upskill their developers for the e-commerce market. From 2013 to 2014, ICON 3 (third stage) partnered with major cloud, enterprise and social platforms to scale up in technology and ultimately increase revenue. The Icon programme has successfully generated revenue of RM 3.2 million in the past three years and trained 1,193 app developers.

En Ahmad Sahar, Trainer from My Appszil (Asia) Sdn Bhd
En Ahmad Sahar, Trainer from My Appszil (Asia) Sdn Bhd

En Ahmad Sahar, Trainer from My Appszil shared an important insight to mobile development and this picture clearly explains it. Your apps should be designed for both IOs and Android devices.

The Korean app developers, shared the following words of advice to budding developers

  • play as many games as possible
  • develop the games and push out to the market as fast as possible. Then improve on it further based on customer’s feedback
  • it’s a long arduous journey, so you must persevere

Below are the 10 Korean mobile apps that were showcased during the event:


Korean app developers for Reading Adventure App by Unidocs explaining to a participant
Korean app developers for Reading Adventure App by Unidocs explaining to a participant

Reading Adventure

Reading and learning in English is now more exciting with the Reading Adventure app. Designed to deliver clear text and vibrant images, the app brings top quality contents that integrated with audio voices of professional natives. It has a total of seven levels and 350 interactive e-books.

Demo by Korean Mobile App developer
Demo by Korean Mobile App developer




BridgeCall is a free call service that lets you make calls without needing to launch its app. It automatically connects to calls for ‘free’ between BridgeCall users using the phone’s default calling app. More than 2 million users are already enjoying BridgeCall to make free calls to their loved ones and we foresee it being a popular app here in Malaysia as well.

FAMY booth
FAMY booth

FAMY – Family Chat and location tracking app

FAMY is a Light, fast, and accurate location tracking application. Key features include Accurate Location Tracking, Storing History of Movement Paths, Group Location Sharing and Sending SOS message. A practical App that schools and even parents could consider using as a safety measure.

GAMES (Android)

Boto booth
Boto booth

Boto the Pink Dolphin

Boto the Pink Dolphin is an education app consisting of attractive characters and stories based on the curriculum developed by the talented youth education centre at the KIM Research Institute, an expert agency for child creativity and a child education expert at the Child and Family Studies Department in the Seoul National University. This app has been localized and includes a ‘Malay’ version.

Invention Savers

Invention savers aim to nurture young creative minds and educate them on the principles of basic invention. By venturing through the game land, the player can unconsciously develop interest on invention and learn the history of popular inventions.

Damyeongi V1.0 Go Board Game

Damyeongi V1.0 is a Go game app that puts a large number of users with a number of powers in order. The Go game is a brain game that must be completed within one hour without interruption.‬‬‬

RE-VOLT Classic – 3D

The legend of RC Racing game, RE-VOLT Classic is a 3D Racing Game for Android. Gamers can race radio-controlled cars through the neighborhood and beyond in the classic arcade racer RE-VOLT! Fast paced, exciting driving, explosive weapons and unique track designs will deliver a larger than life racing experience.

God Summoners

God Summoners is a RPG game on mythological heroes and gods can be played by configuring a strategic team through the character’s attributes for easy and convenient automatic battle. You can also can play the game on a Samsung smart TV by downloading the “God Summoners” App.

Happy Chicken Town

In Happy Chicken Town, you and your friends grow by helping each other. The casual game also offers in-app purchases. A capable ‘CEO’ must be able to decorate the restaurant and ensure customer satisfaction.


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About MOIBA (Mobile Internet Business Association – Korea)

MOIBA is the organization representing South Korea’s mobile carriers, manufacturers, contents and solutions combined to lead the smart mobile South Korea under the government support.

Since the establishment in 2009, MOIBA has been playing significant roles for the vitalization of the Mobile Internet industry and to help small and medium sized businesses to generate competitiveness in difficult environment by implementing the improvement of regulations, policy suggestions, supporting businesses, cooperation between large organizations and small and medium sized businesses that establish the coexistence and co-prosperity.

MOIBA provides support to the small and medium sized organizations to help them to enter the global market as most of businesses do not have experiences in regional or global expansion.

About Ubi-Nuri Inc.

South Korea’s biggest content aggregator with more than 6,500 apps and a latent pool of 1,100 developers worldwide.

Since its inception in June, 2003, Ubinuri has been committed to distributing software applications to Korean mobile phone users. Having worked with hundreds of developers from around the world over the last 8 years, Ubinuri is emerging as an important hub for distributing applications to the fast-growing Korean mobile phone market.

Working with major Korean mobile service operators, including SKT, KT, and LGU+, and hundreds of application developers around the world, Ubinuri is developing a critical ecosystem within which Korean mobile users have ready access to the most valuable mobile phone applications the world has to offer.

About My Appszil (Asia) Sdn Bhd

My Appszil (Asia) Sdn Bhd (MASB) is an associate company of Ubi-Nuri Inc. MASB business model focuses on 3 key areas in the mobile apps industry which are training, creating solutions and publishing; including operating the local app store in Malaysia.


Our training programs are based on individualized learning skills where there will be no more than 12 students per class to ensure effective learning. Our trainers are all highly qualified and have been in the apps industry for more than 10 years. We intend to create “technopreneurs” from our efforts to spur the mobile apps economy in the region to compete with rest of the world.

Selected participants of the training program of ours will also gain the opportunity to be sponsored for internship programs with our partners in USA, Korea, Japan and Indonesia. Other participants of our training program with the relevant experiences will also be allowed to participate in this internship program under their own expense. This is to enable them to gain the relevant working experiences and knowledge to succeed in the app industry.

Creating Solutions

MyAppszil is also a solutions provider to business organizations where “we listen to understand” the needs of the business when we use our experience to tailor make, design, develop and implement solutions exclusively for your organization. We have a good track record in deliverance to our customers and we have been providing customers with cutting edge technology solutions since 2012.


With the presence of our MyAppszil application store,MyAppszil will be able to provide the world’s application developers with critical services in the Asian markets, including application localization, training and local support. Our ultimate goal is to make it as easy as possible for application developers around the world to enter the Asian local mobile phone application markets.

About Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)

The Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) was incorporated in 1996 to oversee the development of the MSC Malaysia and to advise the Malaysian Government on legislation and policies, as well as to set breakthrough standards for multimedia operations.

Established in the same year, MSC Malaysia’s primary focus was to create an ideal and conducive platform to nurture Malaysian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the ICT sector, to become world-class businesses whilst attracting participation from global ICT companies to invest in and develop cutting edge digital and creative solutions in Malaysia. Seventeen years on, MSC Malaysia has driven the development of the Malaysian ICT industry, enhanced technology adoption, and has made significant strides in increasing the economic impact and footprint of ICT for the nation.

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Galaxy A8: Samsung’s Slimmest Full Metal Body Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung Galaxy A8 is now available in Malaysia. It is Samsung’s slimmest full metal body Galaxy device today.

Galaxy A8’s display 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED** display with 2.5mm narrow bezel. It is 5.9mm thin and weight is 151g.

The Android 5.1 (Lollipop) 4G smartphone is powered by an octa-core processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, supports microSD memory card up to 128GB.

It has 16MP rear and 5MP front cameras, both with F1.9 large aperture for clear and bright pictures, even in low-light conditions. You can double-click the home button to quick launch camera app.

Samsung Galaxy A8
Samsung Galaxy A8

Like to take selfie? Galaxy A8 equipped with Smart Selfie functionalities, Wide Selfie to take group selfies, and Rear Camera Selfie to detect and capture a high-resolution selfie.

Samsung Galaxy A8 has a built-in fingerprint scanner provides a fast and secure way to unlock phone. Galaxy A8’s battery capacity is 3,050 mAh.

You can personalize your Galaxy A8 with its theme service. Smart Manager allows you to check Galaxy A8’s battery, storage usage, RAM, and anti-malware.

Galaxy A8 is now available in Malaysia in Gold, White and Black colour options at the recommended retail price of RM1,888 (inclusive of 6% GST).

Samsung Galaxy A8 launch
(L-R): Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, Mobile, IT & Digital Imaging, Samsung Malaysia Electronics with brand ambassador Juliana Evans and Lee Sang Hoon, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics at the launch of the stylish Galaxy A8.

“The Galaxy A8 is a beautifully crafted device; stylish on the outside and substantiated by its incredible performance on the inside,” said Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, Mobile, IT & Digital Imaging, Samsung Malaysia Electronics. “It is a stunning sequel to the Galaxy A series translating into the slimmest Galaxy device yet.”

For more product information, please visit

Samsung SUHD TV: Tizen-powered Curved Smart TV in Malaysia

Samsung SUHD TV

Samsung SUHD TV is Tizen-powered smart TV with 4K Ultra HD curved display, launched in Malaysia in April 2015.

Samsung SUHD TV
Samsung SUHD TV

Its stylish curved design provides viewers with a more immersive viewing experience. The best viewing distance for Samsung curved TV is 3–4 meters.

The “S” in Samsung SUHD TV means Superior picture quality, Stunning contrast, Striking brightness, and Spectacular color. UHD (or Ultra HD) stands for Ultra High Definition.

Samsung’s nano-crystal technology and SUHD re-mastering picture quality engine delivers advances in contrast, brightness, colour reproduction and details. Non-UHD content will be upscale to near UHD quality.

Samsung SUHD TV
Samsung SUHD TV

The Samsung proprietary nano-crystal technology produces wide and accurate colours, providing viewers with 64 times more colour expression than conventional TVs.

SUHD re-mastering engine optimizes all content to match the colour and brightness reproduction of SUHD TV. Brightness of images is analyzes to minimize power consumption while boosting contrast levels, showcasing darker blacks and 2.5 times brighter brightness than conventional UHD TVs.

Samsung SUHD TV Tizen apps
Samsung SUHD TV Tizen apps

All Samsung’s Smart TVs in 2015, including the new SUHD TV, will be powered by Tizen – an open-source operating system that support web standards for TV app development. TV apps can be download and install to Samsung Smart TV, just like installing mobile apps.

Samsung Smart TV’s Quick Connect automatically recognize Samsung smartphones (GALAXY Note 4 and later) once pair via Bluetooth. Consumers can easily share video content from smartphone to Smart TV , watch TV through their smartphone without any apps or pre-settings.

Samsung SUHD TV port hub
Samsung SUHD TV port hub

Samsung SUHD TV has no ports at the rear, instead all TV input/output ports are extend to an external hub.

Availability and Prices

Samsung Malaysia offer 3 new series of SUHD TVs – JS9500, JS9000 and JS8000, ranging from 55- to 88-inches.

Samsung SUHD TV JS9500 features a chamber bezel design, adding more depth to the TV screen. SUHD TV JS9500 has soft, textured shirring design on the rear of the display, giving the TV a premium look and stylish edge.

Here’s the recommended retail price for Samsung SUHD TV in Malaysia (all prices inclusive of 6% GST):

  • SUHD TV 78JS9500: RM39,999
  • SUHD TV 65JS9000: RM24,999
  • SUHD TV 55JS8000: RM9,999

Samsung does not offer SUHD TV JS8500 with flat-screen in Malaysia.

Also available are the new Samsung curved soundbar (9.1 channel), size range from 48-inch to 78-inch, price start from RM3,499 and 360-degree omni-directional speaker (RM1,699).

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6 Best Features of Samsung GALAXY S6 and GALAXY S6 Edge Smartphones [Sponsored]

Samsung GALAXY S6 and GALAXY S6 Edge
Samsung GALAXY S6 and GALAXY S6 Edge
Samsung GALAXY S6 and GALAXY S6 Edge

Samsung unpacked the flagship smartphone of the year – Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge – at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona on 2nd March 2015.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge received the special honor of “Best New Handset, Tablet or Device” from the GSMA at Mobile World Congress 2015. [SamsungTomorrow]

LiewCF was invited to watch the live telecast together with other media and blogger friends in the early morning event hosted by Samsung Malaysia. And we had hands-on S6 and S6 Edge sample units!

Here are the 6 best features of Samsung GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge:

1. Glass and Metal Body

Samsung GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge looks different than all previous GALAXY S series models. First thing you will notice is the seamless glass panel at the front and back and the metal body. The slim phone body is only 6.8 mm/7mm (edge) thin.

The glass panels uses Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which is tougher and withstand more drop damages “up to 2X better than competitive glass designs”.

Samsung S6 Edge has the world’s first curved display on both sides, made possible by Samsung’s glass crafting technology and quality control.

2. Wireless charging and Fast Charging

Today we have two major wireless charging standards: Qi by Wireless Power Confortium (WPC) and Powermat by Power Matters Alliance (PMA).

Samsung GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge supports both WPC and PMA wireless charging technology. Meaning, you can use (almost) any wireless charging pad in the market with your GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge.

They also support fast charging, which is 1.5 times faster than the GALAXY S5. Low battery warning? Charge GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge for only 10 minutes and they can provide up to 4 hours of usage!

3. Better cameras

Samsung GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge equipped with fast F1.9 lenses for both front (5MP) and rear (16MP) cameras. The big aperture allows more lights to sensor for better image quality, even in low light conditions.

Galaxy S6 Rear camera
Galaxy S6 Rear camera

The GALAXY S6 and GALAXY S6 Edge camera supports smart Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to reduce action blur image and record stable video footage. Plus, the phone camera has real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) and use IR Detect White Balance that provide advanced light sensitivities and crisp camera solutions. These camera features help you to take clear and superior photos and videos quality in any light condition.

Moreover, “Quick Launch” features will launch camera app in only 0.7 second when you double-click the S6 / S6 Edge home key button.

4. Top Hardware

Inside GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge slim body (6.8 mm / 7.0mm Edge) is the word’s first 14nm with 64-bit octa-core (4×2.1GHz + 4×1.5GHz) processor. The fast processor is back with 3GB LPDDR4 RAM and UFS 2.0 flash memory (32GB/64GB/128GB) providing high performance, fast memory speed but lower power consumption.

5. Ultimate Screen Experience

The 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED screen offers 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution (577ppi pixel density). The display also brighter (600cd/m²) to enhance visibility under sunlight. Did I also mention that it’s the World’s First Dual Edge Display? Yes DUAL! When you view images or video on the curved display, it’s as if you’re watching them on a wide screen TV. Not only that, you get to manage up to five favourite contacts on the edge screen by color coding and illuminating each of their notifications even when your Samsung Galaxy S6 is face down. Thus, checking messages, emails & missed calls has never been easier.

6. Enhanced Security and Fingerprint Reader

The GALAXY S6 and GALAXY S6 Edge are build on the upgraded Samsung KNOX and already integrates with leading Mobile Device Management Systems (MDMs). The improved fingerprint scanner (the Home button) is touch-type, instead of swipe-type. Simply place your finger on the scanner to for quick authentication. GALAXY S6 / S6 Edge fingerprint scanner can be used for Android security, unlock safe files in Samsung’s private mode.

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