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Windows Vista Launch in Malaysia Coverage

This post is part of the blogging series “Windows Vista Launch in Malaysia

Microsoft Windows VistaI went to Vista Launch in Malaysia at February 3rd with my younger brother in the evening. It was not crowded but many Vista Hunt athletes rushing around.

The agenda changed the official launch ceremony from 8:30pm to 8:00pm. Luckily I didn’t miss it.

Windows Vista and Office 2007
Image: Windows Vista and Office 2007

Aero everywhere

There were booths showing Windows Vista demo PCs(pic). Almost all PCs are showing Windows Vista Aero user interface with overlaid windows, and windows widgets. Afterall, these are the most significant new Windows Vista features.

AMD girl

Cute AMD Girl

After the private booths, in front the big yellow camp, AMD was having small golf game. I won a “handheld CPU cooler”(read: fan). I was targeting an AMD CPU! Too bad! Anyway, I took a pic with the cute AMD girl. :P

Windows Media Center

Windows Vista Media CenterEntering the yellow camp, a big screen media center PC running Windows Vista was at the center. It is the combination of TV and PC. The demonstrator showed the demo of viewing, recording, pausing, reversing a live Astro TV programs with Windows Media Center. “You don’t need to buy the AstroMax (cost RM549)!”, said the demonstrator. Oh, Astro won’t be happy to know that! :)

Malaysia Windows Vista Widgets

Then, we watched a demo of Vista widgets, the small applications sit on the side of Vista desktop. Some local websites such as AirAsia and TheStar are Vista widget ready(pic).

Windows Meeting Space

Next, we had the Windows Meeting Space demo. The demonstrator showed how do we exchange files when there is no network connection with other party, use Ad-Hoc connection(wireless) via Windows Meeting Space. This is a handy feature we already have but it is easier to setup on Windows Vista. Of course, both parties need to run Windows Vista.

Vista Games

The Magic of DirectX10How about games on Windows Vista? One of the PCs in the camp was showing the trailer of games that will be launching soon. The demonstrator also showed the rendering power of DirectX10, which only available on Windows Vista. The graphic was stunning. I doubt how truth it is on real gaming, since it was only a screenshot.

Microsoft redesigned many classic Windows games and added a few. The games are now mostly 3D and more interactive. My brother played the classic Mines using XBox 360 controller with vibration feedback.

Until now, I didn’t get a chance to touch a Vista PC…

“No, you cannot use this PC”

At the Low Yat Plaza ground floor concourse, there were many Windows Vista PCs with seats. We thought they were there for us to experience Windows Vista but we were wrong.

A girl came to us and told us that those PCs were for game competition in an unfriendly tone. But I don’t see any notice about the competition and I saw Vista Hunt athletes were playing the PCs (ian experienced the same). I felt disappointed regarding the differentness. :(

Vista Launch ceremony

Vista Launch CeremonyAfter 8:00pm, the Vista Hunt athletes gathered in front the stage and ready for Vista Launch ceremony. Frankly, without the athletes, only a few persons were there (including my brother and I). The ceremony began by a dragon dance, followed by one minute speech of Yasmin Mahmood, the managing director of Microsoft Malaysia. Then, continued with a short Windows Vista demo.

I took a short video of Vista Launch. Watch the video.

K-town Clan

The K-town Clan was on the stage to give performance after the short Vista demo. I didn’t know them and I dislike hard-beat rock songs. The big speakers were bombing the stage but the crowd(read: Vista Hunt athletes) didn’t take it, except the Microsoft crews at the back, they were very high. ;)

They are COOL
No response to the performance in front.

They are HIGH
But, the Microsoft crews were very high!

My brother and I left shortly after.

Microsoft Shop in Low Yat Plaza

We went in the Microsoft shop in Low Yat Plaza. There were stacks of Windows Vista and Office 2007 packages. I am not sure if they were closing, the guys there seems tired and didn’t like to entertain any visitors. But they changed after I took out my notebook(paper) and camera. sigh

My two cents

It was a good experience to join Vista Launch Malaysia. But I feel disappointed for not having a chance to experience Windows Vista in detail. The negative attitudes of some crews might chased away some potential customers. Take note, Microsoft.

View the photos I taken on Vista Launch.

P.S. Where is the hot, sexy, stunning showgirls?! :(
P.P.S I didn’t see anyone buying Windows Vista or Office 2007. Waiting for pirated softwares, huh?
P.P.P.S The pirated software shops in Low Yat Plaza were not open. Power of Microsoft?

This post is part of the blogging series “Windows Vista Launch in Malaysia

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