Malaysian Bloggers Earn Up to $1 Million MYR Annually?

Three Cheques in a week

Fellow Malaysian bloggers are earning up to RM1 million annually and their revenue are taxable income.

The first news in this morning that caught my eyes is about “Malaysian bloggers earn up $1 million Ringgit (~USD$327,500) annually”.

“Wow! Who is that?”

According to the daily [Berita Harian], bloggers, who post their personal accounts are now exploiting their blogs for business transactions or advertisement placements, earning an average monthly income of RM70,000.

The daily highlighted blogger Mira Abu Bakar, whose highest monthly income revenue through advertising revenue was RM12,000 in 2008.

Mira, who has been operating her blog since 2005, earns an average monthly revenue of RM2,000.

She admitted that she had to declare her side income with the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) as she was unaware about it until she received an audit.

An IRB spokesman said online businesses including via Facebook were bound by the Income Tax Act 1967 and their income were taxable just like fixed income.

[via TheStar Online]

Apparently, Mira is NOT the millionaire blogger. The RM1 million revenue is for fellow Malaysian bloggerS. No idea what are their source, anyway.

My two cents

Mira who made RM12000 in a month is now earn an average RM2000 each month. That’s a huge income drop! By the way, I am not surprised that a Malaysian blogger can earn over RM10,000 per month.

The total earning of Malaysian bloggers should be more than 1 million annually, I think.

One thing worth to highlight in the news is that Inland Revenue Board (IRB) Malaysia offciially announced (also on facebook) that all online income are taxable and need to be declared, which I told fellow Malaysians in 2009.

P.S. I would not tell how much revenue I made from full-time blogging. :)

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14 thoughts on “Malaysian Bloggers Earn Up to $1 Million MYR Annually?”

  1. I think our malaysian friend here – makes more than that in a month, if not at least half a million ringgit. His hits are higher than, you can verify that at

  2. Misleading titles by The Star Online. Is that how they lurk reader to their site?

    Blogging alone is a bit hard to reach that income level. But combining with other online earning tools, it’s actually very realistic.

  3. She needs to pay the taxes.. congrats to her!
    she a good example..great post! time will come
    you will earn the same with her. :) keep on

  4. Now that’s what internet marketing fellow call “hype” or a “catchy headlines”. when I visited the site mentioned on the newspaper, the owner quickly wrote a post saying she is not the blogger who earn a million yearly.


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