29 Year Old Celebrates 4th Anniversary of Full-time Blogging

I’m Liew Cheon Fong (a.k.a LiewCF). I just passed my 29th birthday at August 19, 2009. September 9, 2009 (09/09/09) is my 4th anniversary of full-time blogging.

My life does not change much after 1st anniversary of full-time blogging.

Every month, I still get money from multiple Internet income sources. I have free time and money to travel at anytime (went to China, Japan, Taiwan this year alone).

I’m no longer taking public bus because I bought the Honda City 2009 (but still take express bus to KL because of the high toll fees and petrol fee)

I have monthly investments in unit trust funds. Am a Gold member of Public Mutual. My latest funds report shows that I have yet to profit from my funds (blame the economic crisis!).

I do not own a property yet. Buying a property is like getting a girlfriend, it is not easy to find the right one and it is a long-term commitment.

A personal good news is that I am now in a relationship. YES, after being single for years, LiewCF finally got a girlfriend!

hooray! claps! claps!

(No, you won’t see her photo here. :P )

Health is important, especially for someone who work at home. Chances are you would have less exercise and sitting in front computer or TV most of the time.

My body weight is increasing year by year ever since I became a full-time blogger. No more! Started 3 months ago, I joined a local gym club with a friend and have been actively going for gym workouts almost daily!

Till now, I have successfully lose 5KG+ and have a better body shape (read: bigger chest & arms). grin

Few notes to new bloggers (who want to make money)

In the past years, I have seen many full-time-blogger-wannabes but only a very few of them have succeeded. Whenever someone ask me “how to make money by blogging?
, the follow are my notes for them:

  • Understand yourself. What’s your expertise? What can you offer to your blog readers?
  • Pick the right topic. Write only the blog topic that you would have passion and endless content. As well as a topic which has many demands (readers). You need to do some researches for this.
  • Blogging is a slow process… It really takes time for your blog to be discovered by people. The competition is much higher nowadays. Don’t give up too early.
  • Be ready learn new skills/knowledge. HTML, SEO, online marketing, and image editing are the few things you need to know (at least, the basics).
  • Stop blogging if it has become a stressful task for you

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27 thoughts on “29 Year Old Celebrates 4th Anniversary of Full-time Blogging”

  1. I have been blogging for one and a half year. The first year, yes, i earned some $ from my blog, but still cannot be a full time blogger, coz my blog stats still very low. But recently, my blog stats suddenly up to more than 1000 hits per day, and most of my traffic was from search engine. As we know that traffic is king.

    I hope 1 day, i can success like u too. Be a full time blogger! Be a fulltime blogger is my dream since early of this year. If i can be a fulltime blogger, then i will travelling aound the world like what u did. Haha..

    U are really my role-model blogger bro! Congratulation to u.. :D

  2. Hi CF, congrats on your new car and also new gf. I still remembered your story when u decided to be first Malaysian fulltime blogger.
    What is the secrets that keep you moving on ?
    Mind to tell how you get to know your gf ? facebook? Myspace ?
    Sorry for so many questions.:)

  3. Happy anniversary… Sooooo good that you got your gf now.. So when planning to get married oh?? Don’t wait too long ar…

  4. Hi Liew, seems like your age is same as mine! I’ve discovered this blog several days ago and i’m humblely looking forward to work alongside with you, in the same blogging niche.

    I was just call as you my mentor, and a close friend!

    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy birhday!

    My dream is to become a problogger too, enable me to enjoy more time reading what i love and write stories on topics i cared most.

    Thanks Liew, you’re my personal mentor and i was just call you as a close friend!



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