Amazon Associates Context Links Associates Central launched the Context Links beta in March 2007. Context Link is a contextual link that automatically link your content to Amazon products with your affiliate id. Every purchases through context link will earn you a referral fee.

Amazon associates context link in action
Image: Associates context link in action

The Context Links read web page content and create special link for the keywords. A product preview will popup when mouse points to the links.

Amazon Context Links setup panel

Setting and customizing Context Links is rather easy. The setup panel allows you to configure the link style (default, double underline, dashed underline, etc). You can also customize the product preview as well, such as background color, text color, display product image or not, and more.

Amazon Context Links setup
Image: Amazon Context Links setup

Even more advance, you can control the context links to match exact product names, open in new window, and limit to the products of certain product categories.

Applying Amazon Context Links is as easy as pasting a javascript code block into your page footer. The Context Links will appear almost immediately if Amazon system have already processed your web page. Else, it will take a few minutes to determine the phrases to link.


Using the default Context Links style, I had 22,464 impression and 111 clicks for the context links, but no single sale. Well, I have no luck with Amazon Context Link. Perhaps I need to change the preview style?

Please share with us if Amazon Context Links work for you.

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3 thoughts on “Amazon Associates Context Links”

  1. I’m not sure about other people, but I am rather annoyed by this kinda of ads. It kinda reminds me of the Website Preview thing (i forgot what name already) whenever you an external link. This is me, as a reader’s point of view.

  2. yeah, i have to agree on GeminiGeek too. Personally i think ads should be around the content and not in the content itself. I won’t want my readers to be fool into reading those ads. customer loyalty first, i rather make less money than to annoy the readers.

  3. I found my way here by accident through a g**gle search… I’m trying to find a way to Block from loading any website that has “context links” on it. any programmers reading this? the masses will love you if you write a tool or browser plugin to strip ContextLinks (During page load) or do *something* about it. heck, I’d rather get a 404 or it’s equivalent than see a page with that junk.

    hehe how about a plugin that shows me a “ContextLinks in page” notice and automatically emails “webmaster at currentsite” telling them I now boycott their site because of it!


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