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AuctionAds Tips to Make Money from eBay Ads

I signed up and tested AuctionAds(aff) before received an invitation from Text Link Ads (joint venture between TLA, MediaWhiz and ShoeMoney Media).

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What is AuctionAds?

AuctionAds shows non-contextual eBay ads on your site. It is a Cost-Per-Action ad. You are making money when your visitor register at eBay or places a winning bid or purchase using “buy it now”. You do not make money when visitors click on the AuctionAds ad.

AuctionAds review

I only tested AuctionAds ads in my blog’s sidebar for a few days. In the beginning, the AuctionAds reported incorrect ads impressions because of wrongly generated ad code for me. I emailed them and received the correct ad code.

sample of AuctionAds ad
sample of AuctionAds ad

With over 10,000 ad impression per day, I did not make any cent from AnctionAds after running for three full days. It didn’t meet my expectation and I took it down.

Do I mean AuctionAds is a useless program? No, after reviewing it back again, I think there are few things we can do to optimize the AuctionAds performance.

AuctionAds Optimization Tips

I reviewed AuctionAds again after removing the ad code from my blog. I discovered a few optimization tips that most probably increase the performance of AuctionAds. I share them with you here. :)

Products — Similar to Chitika ads*, AuctionAds will do quite well on a site talking about tangible stuff(especially those hot stuff on eBay). If you are doing product reviews, adding AuctionAds will attract your visitors to bid the reviewed item on eBay.

*Note: You get paid for each Chitika ad click.

Keywords — Since AuctionAds is not a contextual ad, we need to use correct keyword(s) to get the related eBay ad. AuctionAds prepared some keyword information for publisher. For WordPress users who do tagging, Techtites has the tip to control AuctionAds display using Ultimate Tag Warrior tags.

Ad for Page — Instead of putting a side-wide AuctionAds ad, I suggest putting an individual ad for each page to get a more content related eBay ad.

eBay URL converter — Discovered interesting stuff on eBay? Blog about it and generate an AuctionAds link to the eBay page using URL Converter! URL Converter is new feature at March 12, 2007. Here is an example of link generated: mosquito repeller.

What’s hot on eBay — Since AuctionAds is about eBay bids, it is good to know what’s hot over eBay. You can get the information at eBay Pop. You will get some ideas for AuctionAds keywords from there.

Sign up for AuctionAds(aff)

My two cents

I will give AuctionAds a second try using the tips above. Do you have other AuctionAds optimization tips? Please share with us.

Now, who is gonna make a WordPress plugin for AuctionAds? ;)

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