BMW Eco Pro Screensaver Auto Turn Off PC Screen When You’re Away

BMW Eco Pro ScreensaverBMW Malaysia released a free BMW Eco Pro Screensaver that uses facial recognition to turn your screen off when you are not at your desk and on again automatically when you return.

The benefit of auto on/off your computer screen is energy saving.

“Average energy consumption on an idling laptop can be reduced by 693.99 watts, an 89.97% reduction from the regular default settings on a computer.”, they claimed.

The free screensaver download is available for Windows and Mac OS.

I installed the Mac OS version on my iMac. The app does not have any setting. Launch the app and webcam is activated all the time when the app is activated.

When I hid away from the webcam, the display turn off within 10 seconds. When I sat back in front my Mac, the display back on immediately and shows a small BMW banner. The banner went away automatically after 2–3 seconds.

Basically, I like the concept of auto on/off computer display to save power. However, I would like to setup that the app to recognize my handsome face and only turn on when I am present, not anybody else. You know, just like the smartphone’s facial unlock feature.

I also found that the app caused high CPU usage when activated. Ironically, high CPU usage means more energy consumption. The bug needs to be fixed.

BMW Eco Pro Screensaver video

➤ BMW Eco Pro Screensaver

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