Another Two Malaysian Bloggers Got Their First AdSense Cheques

It has been a long time since I removed the list of Malaysian AdSense club bloggers. Two Malaysian bloggers announced about their first AdSense cheque in their blogs, Cely of and Zainol Abideen of MAHAGURU58.

Cely's first adsense cheque
Cely’s first adsense cheque

“To my friends who are still having doubts of adsense is not going to work on their blog, think again! Learn from the pro on how to allocate your adsense. You might be amazed by the result.”, said Cely.

Zainol Abideen's first adsense cheque
Zainol Abideen’s first adsense cheque

“It might not be as much as what ‘pro bloggers’ out there are earning but to me it is good enough! In these times, whatever extra cash comes our way the halal way is really very helpful.”, said Zainol Abideen.

Update: Here is another Malaysian blogger, MengHua who received his first AdSense cheque! Congrats!

Menghua's first adsense cheque
Menghua’s first adsense cheque

“Yippie! It’s my first Google Adsense Check! Finally, it arrived after waiting for months for it! The amount is only $131.11 but it feels great! Finally something to award myself with this blog~”, said menghua.

My two cents

For Malaysian who received U.S cheque, I always recommend them to read my post “Best Malaysia Bank to Deposit AdSense Cheque“. Choosing a right bank can save you a lot of processing fee!

It is glad to see more and more bloggers getting paid by blogging. It reminds me about the excitement when I received my first AdSense cheque two years ago, and I donated it to Tsunami relief charity fund.

Since then, my AdSense cheque is getting bigger and bigger, but I don’t feel the excitement anymore. AdSense cheque was a surprise two years ago, now it has become part of my monthly salary payment.

Wondering how people can make money from AdSense ads? Read my AdSense tips post by post and you will get the ideas. Serious.

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