At Last, Firefox 15 Fixes Memory Leak Problem! Should You Switch?

Firefox 15

Mozilla Firefox 15 has been released with silent background updates, support SPDY, and fixes memory leak problem. Should users who have switched to other web browser switch back to Firefox again?

Read on to learn more about Firefox 15 new features.

The silent background update is similar to Google Chrome’s that you won’t get notified for new browser updates, all updates download and install silently in the background. This is to ensure users always use the latest browser version with new features and bug fixes.

SPDY is an open networking protocol for faster web content transfer. Google, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress are a few sites that support SPDY. Browser that support SPDY will have better performance when visit the mentioned sites.

High memory usage and memory leak problem is one of the reason I am not using Firefox. It has been fixed in Firefox 15. Great news!

Memory usage: Firefox 15 vs Firefox 14
Memory usage: Firefox 15 vs Firefox 14 (Image credit: CNET)

I tested on my own machine by open and close 20+ tabs. The memory usage went up to over 1GB then, after close tabs, drop down to 600MB+. It proved that Firefox 15 successfully released memory back to the pool.

On the Firefox 15 performance, web page loading is fast but images are loaded late that you will see blank image placement boxes on web page. Scrolling is slightly lagging on heavy pages like Facebook.

Also, Firefox 15 has WebGL enhancements for better web-based 3D game performance (yes, no installation required). You can try it here.


I would say Firefox 15 is a great update. Performance is good. The long due memory leak problem has been fixed, finally. Silent background update is good.

One complain. Install add-ons still require restart browser.

Will I switch back to Firefox? Maybe, since I found Google Chrome is growing to be memory monster recently. I have set Firefox 15 as default browser for the moment.

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7 thoughts on “At Last, Firefox 15 Fixes Memory Leak Problem! Should You Switch?”

  1. It is a little bit too late for me.
    I’ve switch to Chrome since about 8 months ago and it is treating me good, much better than Firefox.
    At least not until they fix the startup freeze problem.

  2. Just for the records: 15.01 still not fixed.
    I started FFx with 30 tabs and a few add ons (AdBlock+, IE-Tab, imagezoom, TMP, SessionManger etc). Mem usage about 350MB. 12 hours later: 2.5 GB.
    FFx v18.0alpha1 (as of 09/25/12): After 24 hrs more than 4GB. I run Win7/64 with 6GB RAM.
    So, LiewCF, start a test for at least 12 hours to see the memory leak effect!


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