Free Ubuntu Linux CDs: Received

Ubuntu logoOh yes! I received the Ubuntu free CDs that I ordered previously. The CDs comes with very nice package. Each set has two CDs: install CD & live CD. The Ubuntu version is 5.04.

Ubuntu CD – front cover

Ubuntu CD – inside

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Ubuntu CD delivery

I have ten sets, one of them is PowerPC version for my Apple iBook. If you want to try out Ubuntu and do not want to wait for the free CD delivery, I may send you a copy of Ubuntu CD by charging a shipping fee only. According to Pos Malaysia, the parcel rate within Peninsular Malaysia is RM2.50. Contact me for more information. (Yes, I am doing free job for Ubuntu.)

Order your own copies

If you want to receive multiple copies and don’t mind to wait, you may also order your free Ubuntu CD. The current CD version is Ubuntu 5.10. (ish!)


My elder brother is hard to believe that Ubuntu send free CDs, even without charging shipping fee! “Why do they want to do it?”, my brother asked. :)

I am going to test Ubuntu on Apple iBook later. Will write a first time Ubuntu user review.


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23 thoughts on “Free Ubuntu Linux CDs: Received”

  1. FYI: latest version is Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy. that’s old old version :P anyway I hope you try Ubuntu. Must try :) It’s really cool :)

  2. LcF, try it, i’ve got the CD, but donnu how to do DUAL system with my WinXP!
    You should test on your old PC, and tell us how to use Ubuntu while keeping our WinXP!!!!!!

  3. I also recieved the ubuntu cd, been used it in 2 month, but i’m still dont know how to install proper “gcc”, i has used the install manager, still no go.

    the “gcc” is installed but seems like no library is available. any solution?

  4. stchatterbox, do a partition to your hdd first. make sure your XP and data on the first partition. You can use Partition Magic or any Linux partition manager. As you guys can see, there’s 2 CD’s; first the install CD and Live-CD. If you fear you might messed up your hdd, use the Live-CD.

    Live-CD will NOT touch your hdd!! It will run directly from the CD, so no need to fear of losing your XP or data. Pretty cool eh? Can MS do this? Don’t think so :) . Other Live-CD for Linux is Knopixx and Slax ( you can read my testimonial in their site; testimonial no.2 ). But is you’re into *nix flavour, you can use FreesBIE ( For me, Live-CD is the best for newbies, no worries about damaging or frying your mobo :P.

    For Fazlee,
    For the ‘gcc’ problem, it seems that something missing with your root directory. Try running ./configure as root. As you said earlier, you’ve installed the gcc but the lib is missing right? Can you use the internet using Ubuntu? If yes, do a quick update and it will fix it.

    To all,
    Using OOS will not going to keep you safe! This is the myth hanging around newbies. No OS is safe in this world but i must admit, Linux IS much safer to use (read:virus,spyware,BSOD etc). Ubuntu is much easy to learn because it’s targeting to new user. Some said RedHat ( read: Fedora) is the best for new user but for me, you can choose between several Linux flavour such as Mandrake, TuboLinux or Slackware. You can swap files between XP and Linux in seconds and you can re-swap it back! Talk about easy living eh.

    Play around with your Live-CD first BEFORE installing the full Linux. Once you get around it, make sure you spare some space for partitioning…it’s time to use the full version. Who said Live-CD not running the full package? My friends, it will give you anything you want but the different is, Live-CD will not touch your hdd. You can use the internet ( you can even set your Live-CD to run Apache Samba for full internet server!! ), write some letters, doing some graphic touch-ups, mp3 ripping even best, DVD ripping!

    You can play “made-for-MS” games like Counter Strikes, StarCraft etc by using WIne. This is an emulator for Linux to run Win32/64 encoded. For MacOS also there’s an emulator but i can’t recall the name but it runs MacOS X Tiger nicely on my friend’s pc! Somebody here just got his Apple, maybe ‘he’ have guts to try some emu :P.

    Don’t you guys feel it’s time to use ( at least try for once ) OOS?


  5. i’ll never try using linux OS ..
    but i will try later ..
    i need to know .. can Ubuntu support online game such rakion ( ) and bitcomet ??
    1 more thing .. about my hardware … can my hardware support Ubuntu ?

    thx .. i’m new !! stupid question huh ??

  6. Hafiz,
    I’m not an avid gammer but if the game you’re referring is web-based game, it’s not a problem at all. As my previous comment, using an emu (emulator) might help you with the local (installed) games.

    The good news about Linux is, they support most of the hardware without fail. But hear me out, Linux is not for softmodem ( win modem ). You might want to get an external modem ( hardmodem) before using any Linux flavour. By default Linux is not for serial mouse, instead it will detect PS/2 mouse and optical mouse with ease.

    It’s is wise to check their requirement before installing any Linux distro. To play safe, use the Live-CD first. Not only it’s safe but at the same time you can jump from Win32 to Linux in seconds. You can always check out their hardware list ( ).

    I do hope this can promote OOS to Malaysian user. Spread the words to your boss,friends,girlfriend(s) or even your pets.

    thx .. i’m new !! stupid question huh ??

    There’s an old saying “There’s nothing wrong being stupid, but being ignorant IS stupid”. Learning is something goes on and on. You won’t find a stop sign or stuck at the end of the road.


  7. i’m trying to setting my ubuntu to connect to internet ..
    but .. no luck ..
    anyone can help me ?

    here some imformation .. hope this usefull
    i’m using aztech DSL900(E) modem
    and lantech eazy fastnet TX networkcard ..

  8. We have found Webcam and Voicechat problem in UBUNTU, if we change soundcard or lancard then we have again problem to configure that.
    Thats too drawback

    Thanks regard
    Umair Ashraf

  9. I recieved mine few days ago too! Now distrubuting the CDs to my friends that insterested with Linux.

    And I would like to distrubute Linux in Sri Lanka.

  10. Dear
    We are studing in most pour school. We like studing IT But we haven`t resorses Can you help us please contact us
    Can you send studing ubuntu CDs
    Sagara mw,


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