Google AdSense Referrals 2.0 for All Publishers

Google Adsense TipsThe AdSense Referrals Beta, which Google launched at the end of March 2007 and open to U.S publishers only, is now available to all AdSense publishers. It is now known as Referrals 2.0.

Setup Google AdSense Referrals 2.0
Image: Setup Google AdSense Referrals 2.0

AdSense Referrals is CPA ads. Unlike CPC ads, you only get paid by CPA ads after your visitors satisfy certain actions required by the advertisers. It is harder but higher revenue.

Here are some of the key benefits of Referrals 2.0:

  • More choices: AdSense publishers are no more limited to refer Google products. Referrals 2.0 offers products from AdWords advertisers, so you can find product ads that fit your sites better.
  • Category and keyword targeting: Referrals 2.0 gives you the toption to refer products by category and keyword. So, you can find the suitable products that will perform best on your sites.
  • Ad unit optimization: Not sure which product to promote? There is a “Pick best performing ads” option for you. AdSense will compare your selected ads to other relevant ads and pick the ads “expected” to perform best on your site.
  • Higher traffic earn more: Because it is CPA ads, the more traffic you send to advertisers from your site, the higher chance the traffic turns into a completed lead/sales. thus, you will earn more with referrals.
  • Recommend it: Unlike AdSense CPC ads, you CAN make recommendation to referral ads on your site. You write a review of the products you refer, or say “I recommend XXX”.

My two cents

OK, more chances to make more money with Google AdSense :)

I have little experience in promoting affiliate products. I shall take some time to get myself familiar to the new Referrals 2.0. I will share the tips I discover with you all in the AdSense Tips.

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3 thoughts on “Google AdSense Referrals 2.0 for All Publishers”

  1. Good post. However I disagree with higher traffic earn more. While it’s possible, the better approach is to get targeted traffic. If you send 40,000 digg users to an over-60 insurance offer, perhaps only 1 will convert.

    But if you send 100, senior citizen to the offer, may be 20 or more will convert.

    The trick is how to get the conversion, which is usually not as simple as an AdSense click.

    I think I am going to write about this soon.

  2. Seems like the implementation of the new Referrals 2.0 is still not available for all adsense publishers which I guess still in the ‘waiting list’ to get the new great programme by The Big G. Well, just keep on waiting guys! :)


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