How to Get Your FREE Windows 7 Upgrade in Malaysia

Microsoft Windows 7 will launch in Malaysia by tomorrow (Oct 23, 2009). Many users are waiting to upgrade their PC, but some of you can get free upgrade to Windows 7!

If you have bought a PC with Windows Vista (Home Premium, Business or Ultimate) installed between June 26, 2009 and January 31, 2010, you are eligible for a FREE Windows 7 upgrade!

(As expected, Windows XP does NOT qualify for the free Windows 7 Upgrade Program. Sorry, WinXP netbook users.)

How to get your FREE Windows 7 Upgrade Kit?

First of all, you need to check your Windows Vista part number at the Microsoft Windows 7 Upgrade Option page. If yours are included, congrats!

Next, check with your PC manufacturers.

Most branded PC manufacturers are participated in the Windows 7 Free Upgrade program, such as: Dell, HP, Lenovo, SONY, TOSHIBA, Asus, Fujitsu, Acer, and others.

Visit the link of your PC manufacturer above to register and get your Windows 7 Upgrade, FREE!

Free Windows 7?! What’s the catch?

The Windows 7 upgrade kit is FREE. It will be sent to your by the PC manufacturer.

However, you will need to pay online for the handling and shipping fee, by credit card. The fee may vary among the PC manufacturers.

For example: Acer’s estimated handling and shipping fee per piece of Windows 7 Upgrade Kit to Malaysia is USD 18.76 (~RM63)

Check with your PC manufacturer to confirm the shipping cost.

Warning: Upgrade Vista to Windows 7

This is a friendly advice about upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7.

My brother tried to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7 but failed. The upgrade process tool more than 19 hours and failed at last step. We are not alone.

After 19 hours (Yes, 19 Hours!), Vista to Windows 7 upgrade still halt at 62%.. Can restart the pc?
“After 19 hours (Yes, 19 Hours!), Vista to Windows 7 upgrade still halt at 62%.. Can restart the pc?”

For best Windows 7 installation experience, you are advised to backup, BACKUP, BACKUP!! all your existing data and start a clean installation, if possible…

Have you tried Microsoft Windows 7 yet? How’s your experience? Do you like Windows 7?

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