Maxis iPhone 5S 5C plan
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Is this Maxis iPhone 5S & 5C Plan in Malaysia?

Maxis iPhone 5S/5C plans have been unveiled in an email sent to Maxis One Club members. Check out the Maxis iPhone 5S & 5C plan in this post.

Maxis iPhone 5S 5C plan
Maxis iPhone 5S/5C plan in Malaysia

After Apple Malaysia unveiled the official iPhone 5S/5C price in Malaysia, Maxis Berhad sent an email to its Maxis One Club (MOC, read: VIP customers) inviting to pre-book iPhone 5S.

What’s interesting is that the email includes a unique-to-each-customer-link to Maxis iPhone 5S/5C plan – before the official release date on 31st October 2013.

Referring to the table at the top of this post, at the first glance, the iValue plans remain the same offer as in 2012, except now you get 1000 bundled Maxis-to-Maxis SMS and Maxis Loker cloud storage that you never use.

You also notice that iValue Simple (RM50/month) is not eligible for Maxis iPhone 24-month contract.

Interestingly, Maxis does not offer iPhone 5C 32GB, which has same recommended retail price (RRP) as iPhone 5S 16GB – RM 2,399.

Though iPhone 5S models have the same price as iPhone 5 at launch in U.S., but iPhone 5S price in Malaysia is more expensive.

Maxis subsidize more on iPhone 5S this year than last year for iPhone 5. Refer the table below for Maxis iPhone 5S/5C/5 subsidizations:

Maxis iPhone 5S subsidy
Maxis iPhone 5S subsidy

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