Enhanced iValue Plans for Maxis iPhone 5 with More Data, Calls & SMS

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Maxis has reveal its new iValue plans for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 a week before iPhone 5 release date in Malaysia. Read on to learn about the new enhanced Maxis iPhone plans and availability and FAQ.

What have changed?

Maxis iPhone 5 iValue Plans
Maxis iValue Plans for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 (click to enlarge)

Compare to 2011’s Maxis iValue plans, you still get same amount of local calls minute, Maxis WiFi quota and Maxis-to-Maxis SMS & MMS.

But Maxis increased 1GB data quota to all iValue plans, except iValue 5 which get 3GB increment instead.

Also, Maxis is giving many extra Maxis-to-Maxis calls and SMS that  are almost impossible to be used up in a month. 1000 minutes Maxis-to-Maxis free calls to all iValue plans. iValue 1 gets 800 SMS, iValue 2 gets 600 SMS, iValue 3 gets 400 SMS, and iValue 4 gets 200 SMS, repectively. It is interesting that the higher monthly fee of iValue plan, the lesser free SMS.

Beside more data and extra calls & minutes, Maxis also subsidize iPhone unit price more than last year.

“Maxis iValue plan is offering more data, calls & SMS, and cheaper iPhone price than 2011.” [Tweet this]

Update: Maxis added iValue Simple plan (RM50/month) with 1GB data quota, 200 mins calls, 100 SMS, and less iPhone 5 subsidy. It is the cheapest iPhone plan in Malaysia.


  • When can we buy Maxis iPhone 5?
    The official launch date is 14th December 2012. Maxis will be selling the iPhone 5 at Maxis Centers and MEPs from 14th December 2012 onwards.
  • Can we buy Maxis iPhone 5 without contract?
    You can buy Maxis iPhone 5 outright (without contract, no discount), subject to stocks availability & conditions.
  • How about Maxis iPHone 5 for prepaid customers?
    Maxis Hotlink prepaid customer could either switch to a iValue plan to buy the iPhone 5 on contract, or buy iPhone 5 outright.
  • Where can we buy Maxis iPhone 5?
    You can buy Maxis iPhone 5 (with/without contract) at Maxis Centers and MEPs. [Tweet this]
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