Example of Mother's Day spam

Beware of Mother’s Day Spam Emails

Example of Mother's Day spam
Example of Mother’s Day spam

Mother’s Day 2013 is on May 12th. Symantec has observed an increase in spam messages related to Mother’s Day.

The spam emails trick you to take product offers, survey, e-card, gift, etc. After clicking the link in the email, you will automatically redirected to a website with fake offers, where you are asked a few Mother’s Day related questions.

After submitting the survey, the website asks you to enter personal information to receive the gifts or offers.

[box type=”alert”]Do NOT submit your personal information![/box]

Most of the spam emails are sent from .PW top-level-domain (TLD). Here are some of the examples of the email’s From header:

  • From: Mother’s Day Gifts <Check@[REMOVED].pw>
  • From: “Early Bird Mother’s Day Flowers” <postmaster@[REMOVED].pw>
  • From: “Early Bird Mother’s Day Bouquets” <noreply@[REMOVED].pw>
  • From: “Mother’s Day Bouquets” <MothersDayBouquets@[REMOVED].pw>
  • From: “Mom” <Mom@[REMOVED].pw>

The following are some of the Subject lines used in Mother’s Day spam attacks:

  • Subject: Don’t Forget Mother’s Day – $19.99 Chocolate, Dipped Strawberries
  • Subject: Stunning Personalized Gifts for Mother’s Day
  • Subject: Top Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts
  • Subject: Make Mother’s Day Special With A Personalized Gift
  • Subject: Mother’s Day Car Deal (Half Off Every Make And Model)
  • Subject: Regarding Mothers Day
  • Subject: Celebrate Mom with a $19.99 bouquet.
  • Subject: Mother’s Day Replica’s Women’s Accessories
  • Subject: Mother’s Day Secret Formula.

You are advised to be cautious when receiving unsolicited or unexpected emails.


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