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Sasser – The New Worm Alert!

New Worm
Unlike other virus/worm, Sasser does NOT required you to open email attachment or open any virus file. Sasser will infect you PC even you do nothing, as long as your PC haven’t apply the MS04-011 patch, which released in April 2004 by Microsoft.

Going Wild
The Sasser believed has infected over million of PC in worldwide. Many countries continuously report infected by Sasser.

Microsoft has confirmed the infection of Sasser worm and announced 5 steps to deal with Sasser(with online checker too) in its website’s security & privacy section. You may also download Symantec Sasser Removal Tool to scan and remove the worm, too.

Note: There is a NetSky variant that claims to be removal for Sasser and send to user’s mail box. If you open the email attachment and hope to run it to remove Sasser worm, your PC will only get worse – infected by NetSky somemore!

More Sasser from Google News.

“Never open email attachment and you are safe.”, this is not truth for this time. Sasser will infect your PC as soon as it connected to Internet. No human needed, Sasser spreads and infects PCs by itself. That’s…’great’, I would say.

The patch is released by Microsoft since 13th April, but how many people do not install it? See the infection number of Sasser. Basically, you are safe if you install firewall, install Microsoft patcheesssss and do not open email attachemntssss. What’s so difficult?!?! :???:

Perhaps, we have one more reason to use open source operating system? :wink:

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