maybank2u revamp failed
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New Maybank2U Website Turns Out to be a Disaster

maybank2u revamp failed

Maybank2u – Maybank Berhad online banking site – revamped with new web design on 29 November 2013, but it turns out to be a Maybank online banking disaster.

New design is good…

It is not a new design. The same Windows–8-like tile (grid? metro?) design has been applied to Maybank corporate website earlier this year.

New Maybank2U design
New Maybank2U design

The tile design is simple, clean, responsive and mobile friendly. You will get the same web experiences regardless the display sizes.

Read my previous sponsored review to learn more about the new Maybank web design.

In the article, I mentioned that:

“It would be great to see Maybank2u also use a responsive and mobile friendly design with full online banking functionality.”

On November 29th, Maybank Berhad applied the new design to the Malaysia’s largest online banking website – Maybank2U.

However, they fail to provide “full online banking functionality”.

But, it does not work!

Maybank2U customers reports that they are unable to logon the Malaysia’s largest e-banking website for the whole day since it changed to the new design!

Maybank2U error message
Maybank2U error message

Is there anything more important than online banking functionality for an e-banking website?

Maybank2U login page is either take forever to load or return error messages after login. Even if you are one of the few lucky users who get to login, you will also be logout automatically or unable to do any transaction. Old Maybank2U website is not accessible, too!

Big fail.

Here are some of the related tweets on Twitter:

The damages

According to e-commerce milo, online banking is the most used online payment method in Malaysia. 50% of Malaysia online banking users are Maybank2U customers.

Quote from Maybank ex-president and CEO Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar:

Within our[Maybank] customer base, we have some 2.3 million active users who performed over 2.5 million shopping transactions worth about RM675 million last year (2012).

I expect at least RM2 million worth of transactions have been affected by the new Maybank2U. Plus, today is the Black Friday sales in Malaysia and the last banking day of the month!

I can hear many online sellers groaning for not receiving payments and buyers yelling for unable to make payments…

3 mistakes could be avoided

Maybank2U introduces whole new design overnight and it does not work! This is a very stupid mistake for the largest bank and largest listed company in Malaysia.

I think it can be avoided with some effort. Here are some Maybank2U mistakes:

  1. Do not have beta test – online services normally have beta tests to allow customers have a preview of changes and report bugs and comments. It is very important to collect your customers feedback.
  2. Overnight change – An online service with millions active users should not make major changes overnight. It should roll out stage-by-stage. You see how Facebook introduces their new designs and features?
  3. Bad timing – Maybank2U should not roll out major changes in business hours of the last banking day of the month. Very wrong time.

[box type=”info”]Update: Maybank2U rolls back to old design at the midnight and it is working fine at my end. The new design still accessible via this link.[/box]

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