Malaysia iPhone 5S & 5C Launch on October 31st. Register Your Interest Now with Celcom, DiGi, Maxis!

iPhone 5S register of interest
iPhone 5S register of interest
iPhone 5S register of interest

Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be released in Malaysia on Oct 31st, 2013. Malaysia telcos – Celcom, DiGi, Maxis – have open registration of interest now.

Earlier than previous years

Unlike previous Malaysia’s iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 launch dates in December, Apple launches iPhone 5S & 5C in Malaysia at the end of October. Apple make the new iPhone models available globally faster than previous years.

In fact, Malaysia is only the 3rd batch of countries receiving iPhone 5S & 5C. The 1st batch is on September 20, 2013; 2nd batch is on October 25, 2013.

Register your interest

Now you can register your iPhone 5S and 5C interest to Celcom, DiGi, and Maxis, so that you will receive the latest updates and iPhone plan price.

Please note that register of interest is not a pre-booking. It does not guarantee you will be the first to own iPhone 5S and 5C.

Register of interest: Maxis iPhone 5S & 5C

Maxis iPhone 5S 5C register of interest
Maxis iPhone 5S 5C register of interest

Maxis uses one online form for both iPhone models. The information you need to submit are: Name, NRIC/Passport number, mobile number, email address, iPhone type, iPhone color and iPhone storage size.

Register of interest: Celcom iPhone 5S & 5C

Celcom iPhone 5S register of interest
Celcom iPhone 5S register of interest

Celcom has prepared pre-register forms for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. Just like Maxis, Celcom asks for your name, NRIC, contact number, email, iPhone model, colour, storage.

Celcom also asks if you are new or existing customer in the online form. Does it make a different when you are ordering? Celcom also uses a captcha to prevent spammers.

Register of interest: DiGi iPhone 5S & 5C

DiGi iPhone 5S 5C register of interest
DiGi iPhone 5S 5C register of interest

DiGi has the best register of interest page, in my opinion. First you select the iPhone model (5S or 5C) tab then you choose the color and capacity. DiGi only asks your name, mobile number and email address.

How much is Malaysia iPhone 5S and 5C? Check out my estimation of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C price in Malaysia.

Here’s DiGi 4G LTE Plans and Coverage

DiGi 4G LTE banner

DiGi 4G LTE banner

At last, DiGi 4G LTE network is now available in limited areas in Klang Valley for all customers who subscribe to specific “DiGi Broadband and Tablet Plans with 4G LTE”. Read on to learn about the DiGi 4G LTE plans and coverage areas.

Tell me about DiGi 4G LTE plans

DiGi 4G LTE is not an automatic upgrade for customers. DiGi customers need to change their SIM cards to DiGinet+SIMs at selected DiGi Stores to activate 4G LTE service.

Only customers who subscribe to DiGi Broadband and Tablet postpaid plans with 6GB Internet quota and above (paying RM89/month and above) receives free 4G LTE service.

Customers with DiGi Broadband and Tablet plans with less than 6GB data quota do not receive free DiGi 4G LTE service. They will need to subscribe addtional DiGi 4G LTE On Demand 1GB Internet quota for RM8 per day or RM30 per month (Yes, RM30/month for 1GB data) to enjoy super fast wireless broadband in DiGi 4G LTE coverage area.

DiGi 4G for iPhone and other smartphones?

Sadly, just like Celcom 4G, DiGi 4G is data only at launch. It does not support smartphone nor iPhone 5.

DiGi 4G LTE coverage area

The first DiGi 4G LTE coverage areas, or “DiGi 4G LTE Zones” as they named it, is limited to a few areas in Klang Valley. Check out below DiGi 4G LTE coverage maps (click to enlarge) to see if you are lucky enough:


Disappointed that no free & auto network switching to DiGi 4G LTE network for all existing broadband customers. DiGi not only ask customer to pay for data quota, but now also ask customer pay for 4G speed. Not good.

Plus, DiGi 4G LTE coverage areas are very limited. In fact, it is only a few roads in Klang Valley. If you purchased DiGi 4G On Demand, make sure you stand where you are and do not walk outside the limited coverage area.

What do you think about DiGi 4G LTE? Do you think paying for higher speed is fair?

First Samsung Galaxy S4 in Malaysia is Non-4G LTE Version. Have Telcos Tell The Truth?

Samsung Galaxy S4 in Malaysia: Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, Umobile
Samsung Galaxy S4 in Malaysia: Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, Umobile
Samsung Galaxy S4 in Malaysia: Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, Umobile

Malaysia’s first Galaxy S4 is 3G only and not support 4G LTE networks. Are local telcos (Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, Umobile) hiding the truth?

Samsung Galaxy S4 variants

Do you know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 in your hand might not have the same inner parts as the S4 in the other hands? There are many Galaxy S4 variants for different market places.

Firstly, depends on your location (USA or International), Galaxy S4 processor is either Samsung Exynos 5 Octa (8 cores) or Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 (4 cores).

Then, you have Galaxy S4 supporting different 2G/3G network bandwidth, as well as support 4G LTE (different band sets) or not. Guess what, I saw genuine Galaxy S4 that support dual-SIM in China, too!

Not to mention, there are rumors about Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 Activ and Galaxy S4 Zoom… Oh My Mama!

Confused? Let’s just remember only two International variants:

  1. GT-I9500 with Samsung Exynos 5 Octa processor and not support 4G LTE.
  2. GT-I9505 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and support 4G LTE.

[box type=”info”]SEE ALSO: Samsung Galaxy S4 is Slimmer, Faster, with Countless Software Features[/box]

Malaysia Galaxy S4 not support 4G LTE

So, which one is the Samsung Galaxy S4 model selling in Malaysia? As far as I know, the first Galaxy S4 in Malaysia is GT-I9500 model.

Yes, yes… I know Malaysia telcos – Maxis and Celcom – already roll out their 4G LTE networks, thus we should get Galaxy S4 LTE. Right?

The 4G LTE networks in Malaysia is still in the early stage and still very limited coverage. MCMC approved 2600MHz spectrum for LTE networks, but Galaxy S4 does not seems the spectrum.

Yes, yes… I know Maxis already supports 1800 MHz LTE and we heard that Celcom support the same spectrum soon, too. However, other telcos haven’t launch their 4G LTE services for consumers.

I don’t think Malaysia market is big enough for Samsung to have different variants for each telco. Majority rule, right? I guess that’s the reason Malaysia’s first Samsung Galaxy S4 does not support 4G LTE.

Are telcos hiding the truth?

A LiewCF reader, Rizal, pointed out that Maxis is the only Malaysia telco clearly stated (with a badge on S4’s photo) on website that the Malaysia Samsung Galaxy S4 is “non-4G LTE version”. DiGi hides S4 supported networks info under “full specifications” (requires extra click).

On the other hand, both Celcom and Umobile only link to Samsung Galaxy S4 minisite with a general specifications.

In Rizal’s optinion, Malaysia telcos are “not telling the truth” that they are selling Non-4G LTE Galaxy S4 (except Maxis).


As Rizal pointed out, since there are different Samsung Galaxy S4 models, Malaysia telcos should state clearly the model they carry in their networks to avoid confusion.

For example, a customer who read online Galaxy S4 LTE review (mostly based in USA), may misunderstand that the Galaxy S4 he/she buy in Malaysia supports LTE too.

With the growing 4G LTE networks in Malaysia, I believe that Samsung Galaxy S4 (or S5) with 4G LTE will be available end of the year or 2014.

Keep in mind that, though the world is flat, manufacturers may have different product variants to suit different market places.

Do your research and get your questions answered before you swipe credit card and get tied with telco’s contract.

[box type=”info”]Update: Samsung Galaxy S4 with 4G LTE now available first from Maxis Berhad.[/box]

At Last, Malaysia iPhone 4 is Here On September 24th!

maxis iphone 4 launch event

MALAYSIA: The rumor has been confirmed. Malaysia telcos, both Maxis and DiGi, to launch Apple iPhone 4 on 24th September 2010.

Maxis iPhone 4 launch event

Maxis has already announced the iPhone 4 launch events and iPhone 4 plans on its website.

The pre-launch event starts at 23rd’s night. Then, it is the midnight launch event at 12am(OMG!). The day launch event is at 24th & 25th. All launch events held at The Gardens Hotel & Residences, Mid Valley City.

I wonder how many Apple fans will be there, in the midnight, for iPhone 4. I have been invited as media to the midnight launch event but I cannot make it.

Too bad, there’s “Maxis iPhone 4 Media Offer”(read: discount!) for the media who attends the event.

How about DiGi iPhone 4?

While DiGi still keep their iPhone 4 plans as a secret, they published an interesting photo on Facebook fan page to hint the iPhone 4 launch date.

digi iPhone 4 kambing

What do you think this means? For me, it is “Apple iPhone 4 shipping on 24 September 2010 from DiGi”.

However, on DiGi iPhone 4 website, there is no information about launch date nor DiGi iPhone 4 plans. Perhaps they want to drop a “bomb” (read: very good deal) during Maxis iPhone 4 launch?

Buying advice

I would suggest you wait for both telcos to reveal their iPhone 4 plans and compare them to pick the best for yourself.

Don’t rush to be the 1st iPhone 4 owner in Malaysia. (Well, there are already MANY Malaysians using iPhone 4 now. :P )

3 Reasons Why Malaysians Want to Buy Singapore iPhone 4

cheap iPhone 4 prices in Singapore

Malaysia: Malaysians have been waiting for iPhone 4 from local telcos, Maxis and DiGi, for months but still no sign of release date. Here are the reasons why Malaysians want to buy iPhone 4 from the neighbor country, Singapore.

1. iPhone 4 is not available yet in Malaysia

It is now 24th August, a month since both Maxis and DiGi announced their iPhone 4 register of interest pages, Malaysians are still waiting for their iPhone 4.

Maxis teased us that “iPhone 4 is coming very soon” in early August. But still no words about release date.

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