Maxis Spotify Premium Pass with 150MB Internet Data, RM10 per month

Maxis Spotify Premium pass with 150MB Internet data
Maxis Spotify Premium pass with 150MB Internet data
Maxis Spotify Premium pass with 150MB Internet data

Good news for music lovers in Malaysia! Maxis and Spotify are offering special Maxis + Spotify Premium plan at only RM10.

Maxis 150MB Spotify Premium Pass

As the first Spotify telco partner in Malaysia, Maxis offer Spotify Premium pass at RM10/month (save RM4.90/month) to all Hotlink prepaid and postpaid customers, plus 150MB Internet data.

The 150MB Internet data is applicable for all Internet usage. It will add on top of your existing Maxis data plan, if any.

To subscribe the 150MB Spotify pass promo, you load on your mobile browser with WiFi off then follow the instructions to register and activate your Spotify plan. You can also dial *200# to receive registration link via SMS.

You will be charged RM30 for the first 3 months upfront, then RM10/month for subsequent months. If you are Maxis postpaid customer, the fee will be charged in your bill.

The promotion lasts until 28th February 2014. It is not open to Maxis Wireless Broadband, Hotlink Broadband and Maxis Fibre Internet customers.

Benefits of Spotify Premium

Spotify database has over 20 million tracks. While Spotify Free account can listen unlimited music with ads in Malaysia, here are some benefits of Spotify Premium:

  • No ads.
  • Higher streaming quality (~320kbps) than free account (~160kbps).
  • Stream music on all your devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, TV, etc.
  • Download music and listen offline.

➤ Maxis + Spotify Premium plan

Spotify in China

Spotify in China

Spotify in China is here! No special setup needed. Tested by LiewCF in Nanning, China on Windows.

Spotify on-demand music service (online radio) is now available in Asia. To be more specified, Spotify is in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

I am in Nanning, China when the news break. Though China is not included in the supported countries, I install the Spotify desktop app nevertheless and…

Spotify in China
Spotify in China

Tada! Spotify works in China, too!

It is a pleasant surprise. I thought it won’t work in other part of China. Hong Kong is part of China but it is a “special administrative region“. Hong Kong only services should not work outside Hong Kong, right?

I am sharing this piece of information for the benefit of people in China (or everyone visits China). This has not been thoroughly tested. I may make a mistake.

If you are in China, please help to verify that Spotify is working or not?

(I wrote this in Nanning hotel with Spotify playing beautiful classical music.)

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Spotify Expands On-demand Music Service in Latin America and Asia

Spotify for Latin America and Asia
Spotify for Latin America and Asia
Spotify for Latin America and Asia

Spotify has expanded its on-demand music streaming service (online radio) to Latin America and Asia.

We’re taking our first steps in Latin America with Mexico, and Asia with Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. Plus we’re thrilled to make new friends in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland.

Click here to check the full list of Spotify supported countries

What is Spotify?

Spotify desktop player
Spotify desktop player

Spotify is a popular on-demand music streaming service with over 20 millions total users.

In Spotify app, you can choose the genre station, search for music you love, and browse friends’ music collections.

Found a great song? You can share it to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr). You can also create your ultimate playlists and share with your friends.

How much?

It is free to sign up. Spotify desktop app is available for Windows and Mac and Linux.

You may subscribe to Spotify Unlimited plan for ads free music. Spotify Premium plan offer ads free music and mobile app (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc), as well as ability to download music for offline listening. The subscription fee is different for each country.

In Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore), Spotify does not offer Unlimited plan but offer cheaper Premium plan.

Spotify Malaysia Plans
Spotify Malaysia Plans

Malaysians seems to enjoy the lowest Spotify Premium fee. For example, Spotify Premium is USD9.99 in USA but only MYR14.90 (~USD5) in Malaysia.

UPDATE: Surprisingly, Spotify is also working in China. Tested in Nanning, China.


UnoDNS: Fast Speed Access to Blocked Stream Content Outside USA (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and more)



UnoTelly’s UnoDNS is a special DNS service that allows you to access blocked content outside USA (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and more) with maximum connection speed.

First world problem

Hulu blocks non-US users from watching their videos
Hulu blocks non-US users from watching their videos (Image credit: Mashable)

One of the major online frustration of netizens living outside USA is that many online video & music streaming services are not available outside USA, even though we are on same cyberspace.

Online stream channels such as Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, Pandora checks your IP address’ location and block non-U.S users, even you are willing to pay for their services.

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