Spotify in China

Spotify in China is here! No special setup needed. Tested by LiewCF in Nanning, China on Windows.

Spotify on-demand music service (online radio) is now available in Asia. To be more specified, Spotify is in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

I am in Nanning, China when the news break. Though China is not included in the supported countries, I install the Spotify desktop app nevertheless and…

Spotify in China
Spotify in China

Tada! Spotify works in China, too!

It is a pleasant surprise. I thought it won’t work in other part of China. Hong Kong is part of China but it is a “special administrative region“. Hong Kong only services should not work outside Hong Kong, right?

I am sharing this piece of information for the benefit of people in China (or everyone visits China). This has not been thoroughly tested. I may make a mistake.

If you are in China, please help to verify that Spotify is working or not?

(I wrote this in Nanning hotel with Spotify playing beautiful classical music.)

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