6 iPhone Apps to Enhance Your Outdoor Activities

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In this guest post, John Page recommends 6 iPhone apps – from free to $8 – that helps to enhance your outdoor activities experiences.

Summer is the best season of a year for everyone who prefers outdoor activities to indoor amenities. If you like extreme sports or you are eager to explore the nearest national park then you can upgrade your Apple smartphone or tablet prior to starting your adventure. You will see that the capabilities of your iPhone are really enormous when it comes to outdoor activities friendly apps.

It is strongly recommended to download the reviewed apps for the App Store if you are an inveterate cyclist, surfer or a camp lover because by means of this nifty iOS programs you will never get lost or experience any troubles during your trip.

1. Maprika — it has never been easier to explore the world!


If you need to download from the App Store a good and cheap ski map application for your iPhone one of the best choices is Maprika that serves as a nice, user-friendly program with a simple interface and a huge database of maps of national parks.

It can make your location visible to your Facebook friends — this option is helpful if you got lost or need someone to rescue you.

Its GPS system works flawlessly whether you are currently have a lunch on the mountain or bathing in the lake.

The application also allows adding your own maps to make your camping, skiing or walking tour’s route accurate.

➤ Maprika (free)

2. Spyglass — one of the greatest compass apps will prevent you from getting lost!


The mobile compass application like Spyglass is a must-have tool for every person who enjoys outdoor activities and extreme sports.

By means of the built-in iPhone camera and a good navigation system a user will be able to hold his phone and by laying the compass over the top of a Google Earth map calculate his current location with 100% accuracy.

This nifty app is also capable to give hints on your current speed of walking and the exact amount of time required for reaching your set destination.

Spyglass also contains an accurate inclinometer for experienced tourists and cyclists.

➤ Spyglass ($3.99)

3. Camera Mic — make the best photos with a snap of your fingers!

Camera Mic
Camera Mic

Every smartphone with an engraved Apple requires such smart camera application. If you don’t like to standard method of using photo camera on your iPhone (by pressing the central button) you can take an advantage of this sophisticated program.

Just snap your fingers or yell “Yo!” in your phone’s mic and the photo camera will start to shoot on the fly.

Try this app and you will never be go back to the standard way of making photos on your iPhone or iPad.

➤ Camera Mic ($0.99)

4. Star Walk will bestow the best stargazing experience upon you!

Star Walk
Star Walk

Many users of iPhones and iPads find Star Walk as one of the most beautifully designed and easy to use applications.

It is really quite simple to enjoy the amenities of night sky and quickly learn the names and locations of constellations having such wonderful app installed on your smartphone.

No matter if you like to bike or prefer camping you can always spare few minutes to enjoy stargazing and this handy smart app with breathtaking HD-supporting interface will help you.

Simply hold your phone or tablet up to the sky to learn everything at a glance about the stars you gaze at. The unbeatable 5-stargazing app for iPhones and iPads.

➤ Star Walk ($2.99)

5. The Stormrider Surf Guide

The Stormrider Surf Guide
The Stormrider Surf Guide

Stormrider Surf Guide welcomes everyone who enjoys “riding” the high wave. This is one of the most accurate, attractive and trustworthy applications for surfing aficionados that contains a huge selection of interesting information about the world’s hottest spots for surfers living on every continent.

Such data won’t be useless if you want to surf in a place where you have never been before. In other words, if you like rolling up at new waves each time you surf you should have already this program installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Stormrider may be no the best choice for local surfers but for those who enjoy the worldwide surfing experience it will be irreplaceable.

➤ The Stormrider Surf Guide ($7.99)

6. Accuweather — a free weather application everyone will like!


No matter in what kind of outdoor activities you are personally interested — cycling, surfing, skiing, camping or walking tours — Accuweather is your reliable forecaster that can be hidden in your pocket.

It is based on the data of the national meteorology center but has a nice interface with multiple functions like an hourly forecast, a forecast for the future 15 days and the weather maps.

➤ Accuweather (free)

I’m sure you have some other great outdoor apps to recommend to me and other readers of this blog. Leave your comments and do not forget to rate the mentioned in this post applications. It is important to know your opinion — whether you personally find these apps useful or not?

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