Everything You Must to Know About U Mobile POWER Prepaid Plan with Free 1GB Internet for Life

U Mobile Power Prepaid Starter Pack
U Mobile Power Prepaid Starter Pack

U Mobile POWER Prepaid Pack is the first prepaid plan in Malaysia offer FREE 1GB mobile Internet quota every month for life. Good deal, isn’t it?

Here is everything you must know about the new prepaid plan. Do not switch before you read this article!

POWER Prepaid Starter Pack

U Mobile POWER Prepaid Pack features including free basic Internet, free calls, mobile credit and low call rate to all network.

For RM8.50 (inclusive of 6% GST) POWER prepaid starter pack, you will enjoy:

  • 200MB mobile Internet (10 days upon activation)
  • 150 minutes of free calls
  • RM5 mobile credit
  • 10 days validity period
  • 5 sen/30 sec call rate to all networks
  • 8 sen per SMS to all networks
  • Free basic Internet (64kbps speed, 2GB per month)

U Mobile Power Prepaid Pack

Free 1GB mobile Internet

U Mobile POWER Prepaid customers can enjoy free 1GB mobile Internet every 30 days, as long as their prepaid SIM card stay active.

You only need to make one-time top-up of minimum RM10 to activate the lifetime goodies before 1st January 2016. After the activation, you only need to top-up minimum amount (RM1) to enjoy the free 1GB mobile Internet every month.

Example: You top-up RM5 for 5-day active period. You will automatically receive free 1GB mobile Internet for 30 days. You can use the 1GB data in the 5 days of active period. After 5 days, you can top-up again to use remaining Internet quota (if any) in 30 days.

The 1GB Internet quota will automatically be refreshed every 30 days. You cannot carry forward unused quota.

You may purchase any U Mobile’s Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) or Mobile Booster (MB) plans to enjoy more Internet data.

Free Basic Internet

U Mobile POWER Prepaid includes free basic Internet with speed up to 64kbps. The slow Internet allows you to stay online to receive/send instant text messages.

Free basic Internet is limited to 2GB per month. After exceeded the quota, you will have no Internet connection. It will be reset at every 1st day of the month.

Free call minutes

Upon Power Prepaid Pack activation, you will automatically enjoy 15mins of FREE U Mobile to U Mobile calls every day for 10 days. You can enjoy up to 450 minutes free calls every month. You get 15 minutes free calls for every RM1 top-up, following maximum validity of your account.

Maximum free call minute per day is 15 minutes. You cannot make 16 minutes free call in a day, even you just top-up RM30 for 450 minutes free calls…

The maximum number of days of FREE calls is capped at 150 days.

Active period

The active period is according to your top up amount, RM1 for 1 day. The validity (passive period) is 60 days.

Switch U Mobile prepaid plan

Existing U Mobile prepaid customers can switch to POWER prepaid plan with one-time RM3 switching fee starting on August 5th, 2015. Simply dial *118*6*2*3# or SMS MIG POWER to 28118

Power Prepaid (1GB) vs. U28 Postpaid (3GB)

No doubt that U Mobile Power Prepaid free 1GB mobile Internet is more generous than other telcos’ prepaid plans. It is a good deal if you live in the telco’s coverage area. We can’t help but want to compare it with U Mobile’s own recently launched U28 Postpaid Plan.

U28 Postpaid

You pay an RM28 monthly fee for U28 with 3GB data quota, 50 minutes free voice call and free 100 SMS(U Mobile) and free 200 SMS(other networks). You would also like free 50MB daily roaming data when you are not in Malaysia.

The call rate is more expensive than POWER Prepaid Plan — 9 Sen (U Mobile) and 10 sen (other networks) for 30 seconds.

POWER Prepaid

If you top-up RM30 for POWER prepaid plan, you will get free 1GB data quota and 450 minutes U Mobile call minutes for a month.

Don’t forget, you still have RM30 credit to buy UMI or MB plan for more Internet data or call minutes.


At a glance, POWER prepaid is more flexible with free data quota, more free call minutes, lower call/SMS rates, and credit to buy add-ons. But, the free call minutes is limited to 15 minutes per day. Buy RM30 UMI30 and you only get a total of 2.5GB data quota (Free 1GB + UMI30 1.5GB).

Do you want more Internet data or make more U mobile voice calls? As my friend said, few people make calls and SMS these days.

U Mobile POWER prepaid would be my second mobile line because it does not require monthly commitment. I simply top-up few bucks whenever I want to use its free data/calls.

If you are an active mobile Internet user, forget about U Mobile Power Prepaid. You should switch to U Mobile U28 postpaid plan instead.

What do you think about the U Mobile Power Prepaid Plan?

Learn more about U Mobile Power Prepaid Pack at www.u.com.my

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66 thoughts on “Everything You Must to Know About U Mobile POWER Prepaid Plan with Free 1GB Internet for Life”

  1. 2 days ago I subscribed to U Mobile U28 and I am disappointed. I was in the Klang Valley and suddenly Internet was not available but the line was active. Next month I want to terminate my U Mobile line.

  2. If the minimum top-up is Rm10 before you can receive the free 1gb data, how can you top up Rm5 for 5 active days as in your example?

  3. So, let’s say I bought a new U Mobile sim card. Inside only has RM5 mobile credit balance and it last me only 5 days active period. If I add RM10 just once will automatically activate the free 1GB internet which last for 30 days, and will be refreshed after 30 days, am I right?

    That additional RM10, will it be added into my RM5 mobile credit balance; total RM15? Will that RM10 extend my active period to another 10 days; total 15 days?

    Once my 15 days active period are over, and on the 16th day, I don’t want to top up, my sim card will normally become inactive on that very day, right?

    So about the 1GB free internet which last for 30 days, for example: I’ve been using it for 15 days, which means I have another 15 days left to go with free internet providing I have any data left. On the 16th day, sim card becomes inactive, at the same time, 15 days of free are over; onto the 1st day of 15 days, will the “30 days count down” keep going until 30th day and over on 31st day even though my sim card already became inactive?

    • @Fulien: Yes, the RM10 top up will activate the free 1GB Internet and extend the active period. In your scenario, SIM is inactive on 16th day and cannot use the free internet. The 30 days count down is continuing and refresh at 31st day, even your card is inactive (passive period).

  4. I have an old umobile simcard,how can i switch to this new package??if i change the package,did i willget the free 200mb data up to 10 days??

  5. Hi. May I know the meaning of limited to 2GB free basic internet? I understand that 1GB free data internet every month as long as we stay active. And we can subscribe to UMI plan for additional internet data on top of the 1GB which the power prepatd offers.

    Kindly clarify. Thanks.

    • @Aryan: the free basic Internet is limited to 2GB per month, even it is very very.. slow speed. Once you used 2GB free basic Internet AND no UMI plan, then you will not have Internet access — even your prepaid is active.

    • @lonelyreload: glad you like the post. Regarding your question, I checked U mobile website and found that the free youtube streaming 2am to 8am is available for Prepaid UMI or Broadband MB Plans.

  6. I have a question . How would yoi know that the 1 gb of data is over and after the other 2 gb will they give us a message or when i use data again will it use my credit?

  7. I have used my 1gb free data. How can buy add on data? Does this will terminate my power plan or still can get the free 1gb data for next month?

  8. If I change to Power Prepaid Plan, then I also buy the UMI 30, then the free call, 30 minutes (to all networks) that I received from the UMI 30 will be gone or not ?

  9. can u xplain about free basic internet .. that mean if i top up atleast rm5 for five days.. i will get free basic internet for five days .. am i right ..

  10. Mr. Liew,

    Please help me with this..

    I had terminate all my UMI subscribe at the moment due to 1GB data is more than enough for me.

    Currently, I will have my Active/Expiry date until 10 October 2015 – 0.50GB/1GB
    I understand after 10 October 2015 – my 1GB will reset (1GB/1GB), but I can’t use it unless I top up RM30 then again I can keep it active for another 30 days.

    My question is,
    If by 09 October 2015, without Top up, I subscribe UMI 20, does that mean I can use my UMI until 09 November 2015?

    by 09 November 2015, I top up RM 30 (Active) and continue my usage of free 1GB until 10 December 2015.

    By 09 December 2015, I subscribe UMI 20 again, and it will allow me to use until 08 January 2016??

    Can it work like this??

    Sorry if the question sound stupid because I am trying to figure out a way to enjoy 1GB free data at the same time without accumulate money over prepaid data (by subscribing to UMI to stay active).

    Please help me..

  11. I have some few questions. Recently I changed my telco from maxis #hotlink to umobile Power prepaid due to its advantages to me.

    1. How can i transfer my credit to other umobile user?
    2. Can i retain my number from power prepaid to umobile postpaid plan?
    3. If i can retain my number, will the balance from my power prepaid be transfer to umbile postpaid plan?
    4. If i subscribe to umobile postpaid plan RM30 will they deduct rm30 when i reload or they’ll activate the postpaid till the given period ends? (fyi, i never been a postpaid user so i require some tips/answer to get more clearer answer)

    • @Kingabalu: you can retain your number from power prepaid to umobile postpaid plan. the balance is not transferable from power prepaid to umobile postpaid plan, as far as I know. please visit nearest U Mobile centre for your answers. :)

  12. Can you buy validity.. Or do i need to top up just to stay active.. That means if i dont make any calls for 1 years i will have rm365 in my balance with nothing to use for?

  13. just want to know about the free streaming from 2am – 10am. is it ONLY available when we subs to UMI and BBand Plan? excluding the Power Prepaid Plan subs(the subs didn’t buy any UMI plan). i’m confused between this 2. i am unobile user-to-be.

  14. each month I used around 3-4GB data & 30-40minutes call to say hi to my parents.. so this new POWER plan is good for me..

    let say u switch to POWER plan on 5/11 & topup RM30, you will get 30days account validity + free 1GB high speed data + 450mins call Umobile-Umobile.

    that RM30 credit, u quickly subscribe to UMI30 (UMI30 – 30mins call + 1.5GB data) valid for 30days.

    so basically u will get, unlimited Umobile-Umobile call + 30mins call Umobile to other number & 2.5GB data (1GB freebies + 1.5GB UMI30) for the price of RM30 only..

    between the UMI30 validity period, if your high speed quota (2.5GB) being used up & you want more high speed data, you can purchase UMI booster for RM10 (1GB data for 3 days).

    when your POWER plan validity expired on 5/12, u make a new topup RM30 to stay active for another 30days, then later your 1GB free data will be renewed & that RM30 credit u use again to subscribe UMI30..

    the cycle goes on…. until Umobile comes out with new plan… SUPER POWER plan..

    High speed quota finished – boost it or live with it (64kbps) *if u don’t subscribe to UMI, u cannot purchase UMI booster…

    UMI free calls finished – use your credit to call.. I always have RM5 credit spare in my account for emergency..

  15. I’m a active calls user who use up a lot of call hours. Basically i found out 150 mins in enough for me. so if I perchase power plan, 1G mobile data each month and then i subscribe UMI 38. does it mean that i have a total 1G+1G mobile data + 150 call mins + 30 sms? If such? the powerplan free data or the UMI data will be used up first?

    • @Kamen Rider BlackRX

      does it mean that i have a total 1G+1G mobile data + 150 call mins + 30 sms?

      Yes. I am not sure which data used up first, PowerPlan free data or UMI data. Please visit nearest U Mobile centre for official answer. :)

  16. Nicely written article there.

    If the first Rm10 top-up = 10 days of active use,

    Then if say i only topped up again on the 15th day which is under the passive period, could i just top up a minimum of Rm1 to get it active again to continue using the remaining data for that month?


      • Hey Cheon, thanks for the reply.

        Okay, so i tried requesting for a Rm1 top-up today.

        This was at a umobile kiosk. One of those small stands, and the guy told me that wasn’t possible and that a minimum of Rm10 was required.

        Could this be a case of umobile stores not standardizing this practice? Like some would allow and others wouldn’t?

        What has been your experience topping up the power card? What kind of umobile store did you go to do so?


  17. sorry because my question out of the topic. I just want to know, umobile having the system problem right now? is it true? because i cant buy any umi plan since 2 days ago.

  18. Does umobile has a yearly life time period paid once ??
    Like digi super long life packet …
    How to get that packet ?? And what is the name ??

  19. Sir, your statement “you only need to top-up minimum amount (RM1) to enjoy the free 1GB mobile Internet every month.” is NOT accurate. According to them, you have to stay active to entitle for this internet.
    Would you able to confirm this?

  20. I have just bought my power prepaid sim for rm55 today.. I was told that i now have 2.5gb free internet and i was told as well that i only need to top up rm15 monthly to enjoy the 1gb quota.. Now, i feel cheated that i have to top up rm30 monthly just to enjoy it.. And i feel cheated that as i checked my balance it only has rm5 which means i can only enjoy the free internet for 5 active days!

  21. I’ve subscribed UMI 30 since the 1GB free data are not enough. However, I subscribe the UMI plan after few days.. now my 1GB free are finished but how come my phone can’t connect to the 1.5GB from UMI?


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