Why webe broadband is disappointing

4 Reasons Why Webe Broadband Is Disappointing

Webe broadband quietly launched few days before Christmas 2016. It was the unexpected but welcomed announcement.

Since the launch of Webe Mobile plan on 30 September 2016, the major complaint about the unlimited data postpaid plan is that you have to pay to share (tethering) your line with other devices (RM6 for 2 hours).

It is a deal breaker but a fair business decision, in my opinion.

webe broadband features

“Our new broadband plan differs from our mobile service plan because it is designed for multi-device usage such as through fixed wireless terminal, portable WiFi and tablets”, explained Lau Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Official, webe.

Unlike webe mobile, webe broadband is designed to allow you sharing the broadband service with family and friends (up to 10 devices).

Sounds good, right? Read on to understand the webe broadband plan and why you will disappointing.

Why webe broadband is disappointing

1. Low Data Quota

Webe broadband plan is contract-free. The price is RM59 per month for 10GB data quota. No, that’s not a typo.

You only get 10GB data quota per month, which is 9,999,989GB less than webe mobile postpaid plan (RM79)!

Disappointing? Wait, webe broadband gives additional 20GB free data quota. But, it is only valid until February 2017.

2. Cannot top-up quota

Once you used up the quota, your internet speed will be throttled at 128kbps. No option to buy more quota even if you are willing to pay.

This is scary if you used up quota while you are doing some serious online work. (No, 128kbps is not a workable connection speed.)

3. Limited Webe Broadband Coverage Area

webe broadband coverage area
webe broadband coverage area

Unlike webe mobile with Celcom as its backup network when you are out of webe network coverage area, webe broadband is limited to their own 4G LTE network, which still has limited coverage area.

According to my webe experience in Kluang, Johor, webe 4G LTE network speed test is up to 20Mbps download speed.

4. Worst wireless broadband plan?

Let’s compare similar wireless broadband plans from other Malaysia telcos.

Each telco has different offers at different prices. I pick the plans with a similar price range and quota offer.

Malaysia wireless broadband plans compared
Malaysia wireless broadband plans compared

All wireless broadband plans offer some goodies as long as you stay as a subscriber, except webe broadband. Most of them offer additional data quota for video/music streaming.

At RM60 per month, Yes Broadband 68 offer 16GB internet quota and free on-net calls & SMS.

Digi Broadband 60 (RM60/mth) is the most generous wireless broadband that offers a total of 20GB data plus free streaming for 19 online channels.

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Webe Broadband only offer 10GB data quota per month and only usable in the limited coverage area. Thus, I do not recommend webe broadband.

If only webe broadband keeps the current promotion (total 30GB internet quota per month) after February, then it is worth to consider – provided you live in webe LTE coverage area.

Share your webe experience in the comment below.

Disclosure: I received free Webe mobile subscription for a couple months.

*This is NOT a sponsored post.

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Webe Broadband only offer 10GB data quota per month and only usable in the limited coverage area. Thus, I do not recommend webe broadband.

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