What’s New in WordPress 2.9?

WordPressWordPress 2.9 is coming soon. The beta version is expected to be available at the end of October 2009. Let’s see what’s new in WordPress 2.9 for a blogger.

  • Post Thumbnails — you can add an image to be automatically displayed with the post (need not insert into the post). The style is popular in WordPress magazine type themes.
  • Trash — just like your Windows’ “Recycle Bin” (or “Trash” for Mac), all the deleted items such as posts, pages, and comments will go into “Trash” on WordPress, and can be recovered later.
  • Image editing — you can do simple image editing within the WordPress editor, such as rotate, flip, resize, and crop image.
  • Media Embeds — easier to embed a web media (photos & videos) to your blog post. Supports YouTube, Google Video, PollDaddy, and DailyMotion, or any service that supports oEmbed standard.

Read more at WordPress 2.9 Features, by Dougal.

My two cents

WordPress 2.9 will have a even more powerful blog editor. Do we still need a standalone blog writer?

Currently, I will still be sticking to my blog writer, ecto. The new features of version 2.9 doesn’t mean much to me…

It would be great if the “Post Thumbnails” feature will automatically generate a thumbnail based on the picture I includ in a post. Any plugin for that?

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5 thoughts on “What’s New in WordPress 2.9?”

  1. These features are not that appealing to me, as I think current WordPress 2.8.4 is good enough. I feel that the next version should give a more deeper SEO to new bloggers, although there are unlimited plugins available.

  2. for me, its bad… to more features would eat more resources. i guess there are more table on db that means a there are more query in each action.

    I have dreams if someday matt will split a features of this stuff like a plugins.


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