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WordPress Plugin: AdSense Revenue Sharing System

If you have a group blog, how do you share the blog revenue(read: AdSense) with the other authors. AdSense System might be a ideal solution for you.

AdSense System is a WordPress plugin which allows you to share AdSense impression with co-authors of the blog.

AdSense revenue sharing system

How does it work?

  1. Your author published an article on your group blog.
  2. When a visitor reads the article. AdSense system randomly selects the AdSense id of the author’s and yours, based on a specified ratio (default is 50:50).
  3. Both of you get money. :)

AdSense System admin options
The AdSense system options for admin. You can set up the ratio and lowest user level that are allowed to add their AdSense ID.

AdSense System for authors
Your author can add their AdSense ID after logging into WordPress admin panel.

AdSense System earning page
The AdSense system can shows your AdSense revenue in WordPress admin.

My two cents

AdSense System is good if you have a group blog and want to share the happiness(read: money) with your authors. I might use AdSense system if I would create a group blog later. :)

It is fair that the authors only get paid for the articles they wrote. The ratio setting is nice. It allows you to decide how much revenue to share. 50% or 100% to the author? Up to you.

Please note that in order to use the AdSense System, each author needs to have own Google AdSense account.

Download AdSense System

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