Akismet WordPress Plugin 2.0

Along with the release of WordPress 2.1, the Akismet 2.0 (read previous review) is also available now. Here are some of the new features of Akismet 2.0:

  • Page navigation and search for caught spams.
    Paged navigation and search box for caught spams.
  • Recheck messages in “Awaiting Moderation” for spam.
  • Akismet counter widget
    New Akismet counter widget.
  • Option to discard spams on posts older than a month.

Akismet 2.0 review

The paged navigation and search box are great, Akismet should have included them earlier!

In fact, I have not been using the Akismet plugin for over a month. The main reason was the increasing number of escaped spam comments. I switched to Spam Karma 2 (SK2) with Akismet check plugin(a plugin for a plugin). Overall, the combination of two most powerful WordPress anti-spam plugins work very well.

I tested Akismet 2.0. Many spam comments managed to escape. I was quite disappointed. I will keep it on for two more days before switching back to SK2+Akismet.

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