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I am writing this post purposely for LiewCF. Simply because he has mentioned many times that he plans, needs, and wants to buy a landed property. You didn’t know? He mentioned in year 2007, 2008 and also this year 2009!

It is not easy to get an ideal house. I experienced it when I couldn’t even find a suitable house to rent after half a day of hunting. Google Maps Real Estate makes the task easier.

Find properties the easiest way

Google maps real estate allow us to search for house properties (for sale and rent) in real world but virtually. Most properties come with details of bedrooms, bathrooms, price, exact address. Some even uploaded with real photo.

Any benefits to find property online? Other than saving your time on the road, it also help you search for nearby schools, restaurants, shopping malls.

google maps real estate search

I prefer condo to landed property, so tried searching maps. Found a condo in center of Kuala Lumpur in Google maps. But the sky-high price of $7.5 Million scared m!e Haha..impossible to buy it in my whole life.

Did a quick search for landed property in Kluang, Johor. Sorry, no property found. Perhaps more companies have to join Google real estate to make the property search more useful.

As a result, Google real estate is not so useful for us in Malaysia, yet. Suggest Google Maps Real Estate to accept property input from users. What do you think?

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