App Review: FlightLover – Find the Cheapest Flight Tickets Prices From All Major Budget Airlines


Malaysians love to travel very much that the No.1 e-commerce online activity in Malaysia is “buying flight ticket”. FlightLover is an iPhone app designed for people who like to get the cheapest flight ticket prices from all major budget airlines. It is now available in Malaysia on the iTunes App Store for USD$2.99 (introductory price).

FlightLover app features

  • Show you the lowest prices to all budget airlines destinations.
  • Daily alerts for flight ticket prices under your budget.
  • All prices include taxes with no check-in luggage.
  • Get the best flight tickets prices based on your trip duration.
  • Share selected trip through facebook, twitter, or email.

I was given a free coupon code by FlightLover to redeem the iPhone app. Read on for my FlightLover Malaysia iPhone app review.

FlightLover Malaysia iPhone app review

Flightlover best deals
Flight tickets listed by best deals

First of all, the iPhone app has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. Once the app is launched, you select the location you want to fly from. Then, it will load the lowest deals in 90 days. 6 destinations will be featured in slideshow. The listed destinations could sorted by “alphabetical” or “Best Deals”.

Flightlover map view
FlightLover map view

At the upper right corner of the main app screen, there is a “Map” button to show a World map and available destinations are pinned. Tap on a pin to see the available tickets.

Flightlover trip duration
Flightlover trip duration

Once a destination is selected, you can further customize your trip duration and date range of leaving (up to next 4 months). Available round-trip tickets will be sorted by price (taxes included), and the date and time of departure, return and land.

Flightlover trip details
Flightlover trip details

Select the round-trip tickets you want and you get more details information in the next screen: date & time, airline name, flight code, check-in/depart/return/land time, and ticket prices. There is a “Book” button at the upper right corner for you to call the selected airline for booking. In my review, the app doesn’t call to AirAsia, JetStar, and FireFly.

You can share the flight tickets information via the “Share with friends” button at the bottom, it supports Facebook, Twitter, Email, and “View Online” to get the web page address.

Flightlover email
Flightlover email

I love the FlightLover email template. Flight information and prices are clearly formatted in plain text. It is good to send yourself a copy as record too!

Another great feature of FlightLover is the ticket price alerts, which you can access from the upper left corner of the main app screen (“Beeps” button).

Flightlover alerts
FlightLover “Beeps”

You can set your ideal flight ticket price for your favorite destinations and get daily alerts whenever prices go below your budget. In short, it is a flight ticket price watchdog!

Please note that, the listed flight prices are for single adult, and subject to while seats last. You may want to visit the airline’s official website to confirm the information and make booking.

My two cents

My lovely wife loves to travel very much, I mean, VERY much! With the FlightLover app, now she can check (and get alerts) for the best ticket prices for a list of her favorite destinations. (that’ll be a HUGE saving!)

If you travel with budget airlines, think no more, buy FlightLover app. It is now available in Malaysia and Singapore iTune store.

Hmm… Maybe, I should not tell my wife about this app… wink

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