How to Pay Income Tax Online using CIMB Clicks

CIMB Bank Sometimes ago, I received the CP500 form (“notis bayaran ansuran”) from LHDN Malaysia. It was a notice and some forms to pay my income tax for year 2008. First payment in March and installment every two months. You can pay all in one payment, if you want.

You may pay the income tax at CIMB Bank, Public Bank, LHDN Malaysia counter, by cheque or bank draft, or online banking. I prefer do things online and skip the queue, therefore I made my income tax payment via CIMBClicks, the online banking website of CIMB Bank.

Pay Income Tax via CIMBClicks

First thing first, you need to have a valid CIMBClicks account. You can apply it at any CIMB branch. Then, login your CIMBClicks account. Select “Pay Bills” from the left sidebar.

pay income tax via cimbclicks

  1. Select your bank account for “Payment From”
  2. Choose “Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri” from the Payee List
  3. Key in your Tax No. which can be found on the CP500 form
  4. Key in the amount of income tax you need/want to pay

Click “Submit” button to continue…

On the next screen, select your payment code (“Kod Bayaran”) and enter “Tahun Taksiran” (year) found on the payment slip in CP500 form. For “No. Bill Ansuran” key in the “No. ANSURAN” found on the payment slip.

pay income tax via cimbclicks

I decided to pay all income tax at once to save the trouble of repeating payments and avoid late payment, the “No. Bil Ansuran” is also 1.

Click “Submit” button to confirm and make your payment. Done.

My two cents

Paying income tax is easy with online banking service. Hope this guide is helpful for some Malaysians.

Oh yes, I pay income tax for my blogging income! :)

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24 thoughts on “How to Pay Income Tax Online using CIMB Clicks”

  1. Income Remitted from Outside Malaysia – With effect from the year of assessment 2004, income derived from outside Malaysia and received in Malaysia by resident individual is exempted from tax.


    Actually this is the confusing part as i received different answers from few peoples (including lhdn guy). Some say taxable some say non taxable.

  2. Although income remitted from outside Malaysia is tax free, but you still have to submit your tax forms so when you buy car and properties, you won’t be questioned by income tax people.

    I don’t know which section of Income Tax Act 1967 say so but my tax consultant told me. They should know better. I explained how Google Adsense works and my tax consultant confirmed with me that it is tax free. However, I guess if you’re using nufnag, which is Malaysian based advertising company, it might be taxable.

  3. Okay, to make things simple, say I’m a Malaysian and I have a business in Australia and its making millions per year, must I pay income to the Malaysian gov?

  4. @Calvin, the business income u earn in Australia will be tax by Australia authority. When you remit these money to Malaysia, it will not be tax again in Malaysia. However, under some category of income from overseas which the amount remited is net of the withholding tax pay in overseas, the income is taxable in Malaysia but you can claim the withholding tax paid under S132/S133 Bilateral Relief or Uniteral Relief depends on whether there is any Double Tax Agreement sign between M’sia & the Country involved. It should be something like this :)

  5. Thanks for the information listed. Very good. But there is something no right, in my opinion. The No. Ansuran etc is stated in the eBE form and not as what you had intepreted.

  6. I just checked with IRB in petaling Jaya, spoke with the official and she said foreign income is not taxable provided that you’re Malaysian resident. I asked her the reason and she said it’s to spur inflow of income from oversea to Malaysia.

    Call 0378827500 ( Petaling branch ) if you would like to confirm.


  7. In other words, Google adsense income and affiliate commmision from oversea are not taxable if you are Malaysian citizen (WOW ). So stop paying taxes already when you don’t have to..

    Again call up IRB of your state to confirm .

  8. Did you explain to the officer how’s the Foreign Income derived? Their definition on the Foreign Income is different. If you just mention Foreign Income and din tell the whole process of how the Foreign Income derived, of course they will assume that the Foreign Income you mean is what they expect. It will be better to call their customer care line 1300-88-3010

    In fact I had check with them, will provide the information to you later.

  9. Of course i did mention google adsense and commissions from oversea, if that’s not enough, ~ 100% foreign source as most of my visitors and customers are foreigners. 1300-88-3010 didn’t work for me, it’s always engaged. That’s y i called up the state branch. Malaysia is a tax haven for internet webmasters earning income from oversea at least for now.


    The export companies earning foreign income in Malaysia are already enjoying a varying degree of exemption from the tax law. To say that an individual needs to have working activities or office in foreign nation to qualify the income as “foreign source” or it has to be taxed by the respective nation just do not make much sense to me. So i think when Mahatir extended the exemption to from local export companies to individual resident in 2004. I strongly believe he intended to benefit Malaysian resident who’re able to earn income or remit income from solely foreign source (eg: foreign customers and foreign visitors ). Perhaps this is why the official from my state IRB says that my internet income are tax exempted ? (as my sites are visited by mostly foreigners ). Someone in IRB needs to call Mahatir for clarification ? LOL

  11. Please read the act & T&C in details.

    You are welcome to apply whatever you want & you think it is applicable to your condition. Remember to get approved letter from the relevant authorities before you do so for you future sweet dream.

    It is normal in our practise which we will get different answer from different officer for a same query, so please make sure you are asking the correct person, and this is very important.



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