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Tips to Increase your iPhone Battery Life

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Kimberly Wilson. If you would like to contribute too, please contact me.

Iphone low battery

Apple started the smartphone revolution with their iPhones, a device acknowledged worldwide for the way it’s changed the landscape of the tech industry. But for all the iPhones well deserved merits and uses, the device has always been plagued with problems surrounding its battery life.

If your iPhone battery runs into the red during a full day of regular use, you might want to consider methods that will improve its battery life. Try some of these tips below.

Battery Saving Apps

Though it sounds somewhat counterintuitive, there are some apps for the iPhone that actually help it conserve battery life. Appventions offers a $0.99 app called Battery Boost Pro (iTunes link) that helps conserve battery life on your iPhone by prioritizing functions away from things that typically drain your battery life. Battery Boost Pro also offers helpful tips for users to increase the battery life of their iPhones on their own.

Another app, Battery Doctor Pro (iTunes link), also works to conserve iPhone battery life. Battery Doctor Pro is also $0.99 at the Applications Store, and it seems to be the more popular app of the two. The app will provide you with a detailed charge log so you can keep track of the frequency of your battery charges, and works to maximize the longevity of your iPhone’s battery lifespan.

Battery Saving Accessories

There’s a battery case by Mophie designed to increase the overall lifespan of your iPhone. There’s a small external battery built into the Mophie case which can extend the battery life of your iPhone by up to eight hours!

There are also a number of third party retailers who sell kits and replacement batteries designed for longer battery life. The company Milliamp offers a number of battery replacement kits for any generation of iPhone (or iPod), all meant to give your device ample battery life for a day’s usage.

If you do consider one of these third party users, you should check you iPhone’s warranty and Terms of Service before replacing any items on your device. If you accidentally break something in your iPhone while installing third party hardware, there’s no telling if Apple will be willing to help you out.

Practical methods

If you don’t want to invest in any products to improve your iPhone’s battery life, then you have to be smart about how you use it if you hope to make it through a full day without charging. Basic rules of thumb are using the web less on your phone, deactivating the auto-retrieve settings on your email, and disabling your iPhone’s ability to constantly check for WiFi.

Of course Apple has a few “common sense” tips to offer for those suffering from perpetual battery life in the red. Among their recommendations include turning off push notifications, reducing the use of GPS locating services, and lowering the standard brightness of your iPhone. You’ll notice a small increase in your battery life to be sure, but it won’t be anything to write home about. And, as always, they recommend that you check frequently for software updates that may include new methods for improving battery life.

Guest post: This article is written is by Kimberly Wilson, who is from accreted online colleges, she writes on topics including career, education, student life, college life, home improvement, time management etc.

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