Little Known Ways to Get Maximum Dropbox Free Space (Over 20GBs)

maximum dropbox free space

In this article, you will learn how to get more free Dropbox space in several methods not known by others.

Dropbox, the popular online cloud storage service, is a freemium business. New signups get 2GB free space and you can earn more free Dropbox space by refer your friends and other actions.

Isabella Moreira of Script Evolution shows us the ways to get maximum space of Dropbox free account — up to 23.88GB!

Generally, Dropbox offer extra space for free now and then. Visit its “Get More Space” page for a list of ways to get free space.

Dropbox Camera Upload could give you extra 3.5GB by automatically upload your photos and videos to your Dropbox account. Feel free to delete the files after upload, and you still keep the free space!

The best way to get most free space (up to 16GB) is by refer your friends, each sign up will earn you and the user 500MB free space. Isabella used a different method — Google AdWords. She advertised her Dropbox referral link using Google Ads with $30 daily budget.

That’s the secret sauce!

Most of your friends may already registered Dropbox. Refer to strangers via Google AdWords ads definitely the fastest way to get referral signups. Best of all, you can get free AdWords credits from Google!

Will you spend money for free space? How many Dropbox space you have? how many space you used? Tell us in comment.

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