P1 Fiber Plans (OneBiz and OnePlan) with 4G Broadband

P1 fiber

Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd (“P1”), first 4G broadband provider in Malaysia, has launched its fiber plans: OneBiz Fiber for business and OnePlan for consumers. The plans come with voice calls with free bundled minutes.

Read on for the details of each plans.

“We’ve packed in value that matters for businesses and consumers,” said P1 CEO Michael Lai. “For the business user, our plans help raise their productivity and lower connectivity and commnunication costs. While our consumer plans serve those who need even more speed and bandwidth. P1 is also the only servicce provider today that offer the best of both worlds i.e., fiber with 4G on-the-go broadband.”

P1 OneBiz Fiber plans

There are 4 plans for P1 OneBiz Fiber with speeds of 5 to 30 Mbps and Unlimited data quota. Free call minutes from 100 to 500 mins. All OneBiz plans come with 4G on-the-go broadband. Price starting from RM 199.

Check out OneBiz Fiber plan details in the table below:

P1 onebiz fiber plan

P1 OnePlan Fiber plans

P1 OnePlan Fiber has 3 plans: 5Mbps with 50GB quota; 10Mbps with 100GB quota; 20Mbps with 200GB quota. Bundled voice call minutes are 50, 100, and 200 minutes respectively. All plans come with 4G on-the-go broadband. Prices range from RM169 to RM269 per month.

Check out OnePlan Fiber plan details in the table below:

P1 oneplan fiber plans

Visit P1 website for more information and enquiry.


p>Disclosure: Packet One Networks Sdn Bhd (“P1”) is the 4G broadband sponsor of LiewCF.com.

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