Facebook Buy WhatsApp: What will Change?

Facebook buy WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars
Facebook buy WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars
Facebook buy WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars

I was surprised when I switch on TV and watched the news: Facebook to acquire WhatsApp.

The world’s largest social network is buying the world’s most popular messaging app for a jaw-dropping total of $19 billion USD ($4 billion cash + $12 billion stock + $3 billion restricted stock units).

Heck, I do not even know how many ‘Zero’ in a billion! It is a huge amount! Facebook spent only 1 billion to buy Instagram – a photo-sharing app – in 2012.

Facebook and WhatsApp are two services I use daily, the must-have apps on my phone, and (almost) can not live without them.

Facebook is how I am still keep in touch with friends and get to know their latest news. WhatsApp is how my friends and I send messages to each other.

Nowadays, I am expecting text messages to send via WhatsApp, not SMS.

How will Facebook change WhatsApp?

Jan Koum signs the $19 billion Facebook deal paperwork on the door of his old welfare office in Mountain View, Calif. (Photo courtesy of Jan Koum)
Jan Koum signs the $19 billion Facebook deal paperwork on the door of his old welfare office in Mountain View, Calif. (Photo courtesy of Jan Koum) [via Forbes]
Jan Koum signs the $19 billion Facebook deal paperwork on the door of his old welfare office in Mountain View, Calif. (Photo courtesy of Jan Koum)

WhatsApp is ads-free and free to use for 1st year. After 1 year, new users need to pay $0.99 USD per year to use the app.

WhatsApp should be FREE for everyone after Facebook buy it, right? Unfortunately, the answer is “NO”.

Facebook could waive WhatsApp $1 subscription fee and make it free like other Facebook products, but choose not to.

“Here’s what will change for you, our users: nothing”, says WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum

Good news and bad news.

Good news: WhatsApp will continue to operate independently and get to keep its brand.

Bad news: WhatsApp will remain ad-free and still charging users $1 per year.

($1 per year for sending unlimited messages & photos to family & friends is CHEAP!)

Unlike other popular messaging apps (Line, Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger), WhatsApp is ad-free and does not have other gimmicks – games, stickers, official accounts, etc – to increase revenue.

WhatsApp’s one and only revenue source is the low annual subscription fee.


After I posted the facebook-whatsapp deal on my Facebook, my friend sent a WhatsApp message to me:

“Facebook buys WhatsApp? Hopefully it makes it better, not killing it.”

I think that’s the main concern of every WhatsApp users. Glad that both Facebook and WhatsApp co-founder promise WhatsApp will operate independently.

I expect to see tighter contacts integration between Facebook and WhatsApp, like Instagram and Facebook. Example: add facebook friends to WhatsApp; find WhatsApp friends on facebook.

Do you know that…

  • WhatsApp has over 450 million monthly active users and 1 million new sign-ups per day.
  • 18 billion messages were sent daily via WhatsApp network in January 2014, which is very close to global SMS sent daily (19.5 billion).
  • WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Acton, was working at Yahoo! and was rejected by Facebook and Twitter.
  • Another messaging app, Viber – over 100 million monthly active users – was aquaired by Rakuten for $900 million last week on Feb 14, 2014.

What do you think about Facebook-WhatsApp $19 Billion deal? Please tell us in the comment.

Now Anyone Can Search Your Facebook Posts! Here’s Quick Way to Anti-Stalking

facebook limit audience setting
facebook remove privacy setting
Facebook remove privacy setting

Facebook has decided to allow anyone to search for your profile on Facebook by removing the “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” privacy setting.

Most of you probably do not know the setting, anyway. It is an old setting which has been removed last year for people who are not using it.

“Only small percentage of people still using the setting, they will see reminders about it being removed in the coming weeks”

Now, anyone who knows your name can use Facebook Graph search to search for profile, pictures, and previous posts.

How do you block strangers from seeing your Facebook posts?

You are very active Facebook user who share many funny, informative, weird stuff on Facebook. Sometimes you did not aware that you are sharing those posts publicly.

Now you can correct the mistakes in a few clicks by limits audience of posts you have shared in the past from “friends of friends” or “public” to “friends” only.

Step-by-step to hide Facebook posts from strangers:

facebook limit audience setting
Facebook limit audience setting
  1. Goto Facebook Privacy Settings
  2. Click on the “Limit Old Posts” button under “Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline” (pic)
  3. Click “Confirm” button and only friends can see your previous fb posts now.

(Note: It can not be undone in one click. If you change your mind later, you’ll need to change the audience for each posts one at a time.)

Facebook public post notice
Facebook public post notice

Also, in the coming weeks, Facebook will display a notice reminding you when you are sharing Facebook post with Public.


Hope this article helps you to hide private posts from stalkers.

LiewCF’s advice is that,

If you do not want to share publicly, then do not share it online at the first place.

Facebook App for iOS: Now You Can Share Post to FB Pages, Groups, Message

Facebook for iOS: post sharing options
Facebook for iOS: post sharing options
Facebook for iOS: post sharing options

Facebook didn’t tell you this. Now you can share FB posts to friend’s timeline, Pages, Groups and in Facebook message.

While reviewing an Android smartphone last week, I realize that Facebook app for Android support sharing posts to Facebook Pages. As a Facebook Page admin, it is the feature I always want to have in Facebook app for iOS!

Seriously, the feature alone made me – a long time iPhone user – tempting to switch to Android platform.

Thanks to Facebook app development team. They have quietly added the feature in the recent updated Facebook app for iOS version 6.0. The new Facebook app adds Chat Heads, stickers, and redesign news feed.

SEE ALSO: Facebook App for iOS gets Chat Heads, Stickers and Cleaner News Feed

What Facebook does not tell you about the new Facebook app for iOS is that now you have more ways to share a post in news feed.

When you tap on the “share” text underneath a post, you get 3 share options:

  1. Share Now: instantly share the particular post to your default friend list.
  2. Edit and Share: allows you to add your own message and share to own timeline, friend’s timeline, group, and your FB pages.
  3. Send in Message: will send the post to your selected friend(s) via Facebook message.
Facebook for iOS: change post sharing destination
Facebook for iOS: change post sharing destination

Edit and Share share to your own timeline by default. Tap “On your own timeline” to share the post to other places (friend’s timeline, fb group, fb page). You will asked to type the name of the destination.

Do you like the new sharing feature? Tell us what you think in the comment below.

Facebook app for iOS

Facebook App for iOS gets Chat Heads, Stickers and Cleaner News Feed

Facebook for iOS: chat head and stickers
Facebook for iOS: chat head and stickers
Facebook for iOS: chat head and stickers

Facebook app for iOS has been updated (version 6.0) to support Chat Heads, stickers, and new News Feed.

Unlike Facebook Home’s Chat Heads, the iOS version of Chat Heads only appears in the Facebook app and cannot integrate with user’s SMS contacts. Chat Heads floating on top of Facebook app give you instant access to friend chats  anywhere in the app.

Also new in version 6.0, now you can send stickers in Facebook messages. Stickers is like big size emoticons but more varieties. Other social messaging apps like LINE and WeChat already have stickers. According to AppleInsider, the Facebook app stickers will come in packs and are now free. Only iPhone can send facebook stickers but any device can receive them.

Facebook for iOS version 6.0 also includes redesign of news feed. It is now cleaner and more accessible, including like new feeds like Music, Photos and Games. In my quick test, the new news feed is also loading faster and more smooth scrolling.

You may not see all the new features after updated to version 6.0.  “Chat heads and stickers will be available to everyone over the next few weeks.”, stated in the official app changelog.

UPDATE: This is not mentioned in the changelog. Now you can share Facebook post to friend’s timeline, Page, Groups, send in Message.

Facebook app for iOS

Congrats to 2013 Women’s Month Giveaway Winner! (Jabra SOLEMATE)

congratulations card
Congratulations card (Image credit: cathy.fong – Flickr.com)

Thanks to all the participants and engagement in the 2013 Women’s Month Giveaway. We have a winner now! Congratulataions to Faheem Iqmal for winning the RM699 Jabra SOLEMATE wireless portable speaker (see review here).

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